• #1 Acting Strange
  • #2 Cleaning Up My Mess
  • #3 Working On Love
  • #4 Growing Inside
  • #5 The Crackle, Pt. 1
  • #6 The Crackle, Pt. 2
  • #7 Pendulum Swing
  • #8 Go Easy


Blank Realm / Go Easy


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Blank Realm is arguably the most diverse sounding of all the excellent bands presently calling Brisbane, Australia, home. Following a host of releases including two out-of-print LPs for the Not Not Fun label and a pair of sevens on their hometown imprint Negative Guest List, Go Easy is the one where all the chickens come home to roost. With an uncanny channeling of Missing-Links-styled garage / psychedelia, Pere-Ubu-esque rustbelt avant trippery and the experimental post-punk spasms of The Work, Blank Realm ably goes deep (when called for) as well as plays it tight and inside (ditto).  For the discerning sodbuster who actually has cash burning a hole through the leather pouch found at the end of that wallet chain, this is surely one of the primo investments for 2012.


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