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Holy Mountain

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Comprised of two songs that build on their use of cyclical rhythm, riff and vocal intonation, Om’s 2006 album Conference of the Birds blends metal, chant, drone, dub and psychedelia. The group’s lyrics expound upon the structure of the universe, potentiality and freedom from the physical body. Engineered by Billy Anderson and produced by the band, Conference of the Birds is a fully realized work from a forward-thinking band at their peak.  “Underground Album of the Month” —Mojo  “Huge, slightly fluctuating bass grooves, mantra-style vocals, and locked-down drum ecstatics unfurl as lengthy, addictive, metal-inflected incantations.” —Pitchfork  “Believe me when I say you could found a religion based on this sort of music ... truly transporting.” —Ninehertz UK  “This is one of the most immaculate, hypnotic and powerful albums I have heard for many many many years.” —David Tibet, Current 93  “Om create metal music for the mind and soul.” —Metal Hammer  “Cisneros’ trademark mantras, the duo’s vice-tightness, and a fearsome litany of riff after frequently groovy riff, induce a trance-like euphoria.” —Terrorizer  “Feels like a series of apocalyptic instructions delivered from some scorched future world.” —Dream Magazine  “Hypnotic, powerful and strangely psychedelic....” —Terrascope Online  “Rocks with more perfidious majesty than pretty much anything we’ve heard all year.” —  “4/5 stars” —Uncut  “8/10 stars” —Rock Sound


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