Disc 1

  • #1 I'm Dressing Myself

    By Peephole Circus

  • #2 She is Electric

    By Golden Boots

  • #3 Robot Vampires

    By The Perfect Failures

  • #4 Transitional Objective

    By Tinyfolk

  • #5 The Ganzfeld Effect

    By Falcon Eddy

  • #6 Smooth Sounds for your Fucking Face

    By Sentridoh

  • #7 A Better Line

    By Soul-Junk

  • #8 Pullman Heights

    By Joy

  • #9 The Gift of Love

    By Phil Yates

  • #10 Actor's Raingear

    By Ashley Reaks

  • #11 No Cheese For Porthos

    By Toby Goodshank featuring Los Debutantes (of The Moldy Peaches)

  • #12 Predator Eyes

    By The Mountain Goats

  • #13 Fits and Starts

    By Miniature and Presidential

  • #14 Tracking Devices

    By Peter Peter Hughes

  • #15 Kurt Cobain Will Have His Revenge on the City of Los Angeles

    By Alan Smithee

  • #16 Boom Boom (Thumb Rights)

    By Refrigerator

  • #17 Chest Pain

    By Dude Mirror

  • #18 Fruitbat Waltz

    By Charlie McAlister

  • #19 Fire on the Lemon

    By Unitard

  • Disc 2

  • #1 Really Long Fall

    By The Uncalled For

  • #2 God, Waking Up

    By Primordial Undermind

  • #3 Cigarettes and Sunshine

    By Jad Fair

  • #4 Flag Pin (written for Wckr Spgt by Franklin Bruno)

    By So Many Wizards

  • #5 Terrible Criminal

    By The Human Hearts

  • #6 More or Less Alive

    By Mark Szabo

  • #7 Long Beach

    By Simon Joyner and Chris Deden

  • #8 Memorandum of Understanding

    By The Kurt Ross Band

  • #9 Cause and Effect

    By The Bingo Trappers

  • #10 Starcrossed Teen

    By Amps For Christ

  • #11 Landers

    By John Harrelson

  • #12 My Secret Prison

    By Adam Lipman and Leon Reid

  • #13 Okayz Corral

    By Baboonz

  • #14 We Were Warned About Factionalism

    By The Ah Club

  • #15 Princess Cat

    By Kukunuku

  • #16 Look Forward to Dying (Alone)

    By Desperation Squad

  • #17 Robot Vampires of Reprise

    By Breathilizor

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V/a / Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt


formats available
    Street Date:
    June 22nd, 2010
  • 2XCD
    SHR 158
    Street Date:
    July 6th, 2010
    Ship Date:
    June 28th, 2010
  • MC
    SHR 158
    Street Date:
    July 6th, 2010
    Ship Date:
    June 28th, 2010

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"All of them sparkling clean digital hand-jobs (of late) got me to thinking about the years I spent renting a room above a former farmer's garage, dubbing tapes when my better-minded friends were going to college and/or fucking with crystal meth. Time flies (except when you are constantly typing in 0s and 1s to get someone's laptop to cum) and certainly somewhere, a 16-year-old kid is online awaiting some hilarious critiques of the 20th anniversary Shrimper compilation Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits of Wckr Spgt double-CD: 36 exclusive songs specifically written for this project by Wckr Spgt and then given out blindly to the artists participating. With close to 200 releases under our belt and hundreds of artists that have recorded for the label, it was near impossible to choose bands for this project, so blindly into the depths of the third circle went we. "Smooth Sounds features key Shrimper acts (Soul-Junk, Sentridoh, Joy, The Mountain Goats, Simon Joyner, Jad Fair), recordings by artists from the surrounding environs that influenced the label (Norma Tanega, Kurt Ross, John Harrelson) and over a dozen new bands to keep intact the spirit of what a Shrimper compilation is supposed to be. The first pressing features covers lovingly hand-decorated by artists who have recorded for the Shrimper label, as well as extensive liner notes by Franklin Bruno. There are a number of festivals set to take place on July 24th, the official 20th anniversary of Shrimper, in Southern California, Virginia, England and New York, with all proceeds to benefit local art collectives. Keep your eyes peeled for more guerilla events that correspond with this release." --Dennis Callaci


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