• #1 Sun Rider
  • #2 So Gold
  • #3 Hot Morning
  • #4 Out of the Grave
  • #5 All My Friends Make the Best Music
  • #6 Watch of the Bear
  • #7 Infinite Ride
  • #8 Desert Chills
  • #9 Lords of Speed
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Filthy Huns / S/t

Not Not Fun

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    Street Date:
    January 14th, 2013

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If the 72-years-strong annual Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota ever felt like mixing shit up and opening its chain-link fences to some more busted, broke-down musical entertainment (instead of the usual legions of George Thorogood cover bands), Filthy Huns – the custom-built solo vehicle of Nick Koenigs – would be a fine choice. Cheap, grease-stained drum machine rhythms, desolate highway guitar lines, reverbed keyboard loops, and road-burned vocals cruise like a midnight rider through dead, dusty towns in the Black Hills. “Watch Of The Bear” in particular is total loner-in-leather, headlight off, pushing 70, chasing the voided horizon under a sea of stars. It’s not all Hell’s Angels-y ghost-riding though; there’s some cool detours, too, like the woozy, hungover dub of “Hot Morning,” the 4AM campfire peyote-float, “Infinite Ride,” and the stoned sunshine raga, “Out Of The Grave.” Recorded half in Minneapolis and half in Echo Park, CA across a nearly two-year window. Pro-dubbed putty-colored tapes with fold-out biker hieroglyph artwork designed and printed by Goaty Tapes impresario Zully Adler. Edition of 100.


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