• #1 You Wanna Bitch
  • #2 So What If We Die
  • #3 Damned to Obscurity
  • #4 No Way to Rock n Roll
  • #5 CCTV
  • #6 Stick and Move
  • #7 Driving Dream
  • #8 Nicky the Knife
  • #9 Off the Grid
  • #10 Self-Hate
  • #11 Left Hand Path
  • #12 Leave Me Alone
  • #13 People Are Afraid
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OBN IIIs / S/t

Tic Tac Totally

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    October 30th, 2012

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An all-analog signal path was painstakingly maintained for this record from tape to plates, just as any 60's or 70's ripper ever was. Mastering was done directly from the 2" tapes, and all stitched up in dee-luxe gatefold.

On their second full-length, OBN III's bring the brash, pub rock fury of greats like JOHNNY MOPED back to the party, to pair with their balls out, snot-rock crunchers of yore, still recalling THE VAMPS in places. Just with a new crystallized recording. 13 new sluggers go chugging into the undercurrents of Orville's overtly tauntalizing vibes, topping terror with solos that burn your tonearm off as it struggles to keep up. This is the beef. Not the weird fish taco. Toss the reverb pedal, bub. The last two years seem to have already established a run of blazing, acclaimed EPs, an LP that topped best of 2011 lists, shows that can only be described as insane, a Matador Records' single, MRR cover and Goner Fest appearance that blew multiple heads off (rivaling their SXSW Beerland patio show - with Orville's bottle smashing antics turning to bloodied fun caught by NME amidst hundreds of shell-shocked onlookers).

This self-titled LP doubles down on the beauty of the beastly rock OBN III's are dolin' out, with their most cohesive and crystallized songs recorded to date. Coming to fruition with the benefit of a meticulously all-analog signal path to catch the heavy beating right, and served in a package that'll stand up to even your grandkids vomit. There will be no Roland space echo. You will hear it once! Topical lyrics condemning the useless lifestyles of the internet age and all those whining about it, chugging to super-heated beats heating through the crust and tapping into primitive Stooge-lava. OBN III's are doing heavy rock right.


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