• #1 The Toss & Turn
  • #2 The Toss & Turn (a Capella Revision)
  • #3 Quick Dub
  • #4 Arrest The President (the Arrest-the-president All-stars)
  • #5 Resurrection Morning Sermon (evangelist J.b. Best)
  • #6 A.t.p. (jel)
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Pedestrian / Toss & Turn


formats available
  • 12"
    abr 0041lp
    Street Date:
    November 16th, 2004
    Ship Date:
    November 8th, 2004
    Street Date:
    November 16th, 2004

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In a blurb on "The Toss & Turn" written at the request of the influential "Mixing It" on the BBCÕs Radio 1, pedestrian observed, "Formally, 'The Toss & Turn' is all about appropriation: jel's music is essentially modeled after raw, early '60s novelty dance tunes (like 'The Funky Penguin') and the rapping is in the late-80s, New York vein. Thematically, the lyrics modify and in some cases invert the associations of those two genres, so that it becomes a swingy, up-tempo song about loss, a conscientiously clubby song about solitude, and a clearly, coldly rapped song about anxiety. An intricate revision of its a capella track follows, which UC Berkeley composer Adrian Bayless masks, murders, and remakes into an elaborately constructed and unpredictable work of noise and voice. Odd nosdam furthers the theme of re-evaluation by weaving bits of the original "The Toss & Turn" into a blend of classic dub and distorted breaks.  The Arrest-the-President All-Stars is an ad hoc collaboration between sole, jel, and the pedestrian in the tradition of the forgettable issue-based coalitions of rap's distant past: the WeÕre All in the Same Gang All-Stars, the H.E.A.L. Movement, and the Stop the Violence All-Stars. Taking Intelligent Hoodlum's "Arrest the President" (released during the elder Bush's administration) as a jumping-off point, the trio channels the radical spirit (but not the sound) of the early '60s folk revival along with the collage-mindedness of classic hip hop, taking quotes and vocal bits from across a wide spectrum, including Black Panther Bobby Seale, televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, and pre-WWII folk singer Bascom Lamar Lunsford. The vinyl-only B-side "Resurrection Morning Sermon" features music and cuts by jel and a live recording of a fiery political sermon delivered by pedestrian (performing under his real name and assumed title, Evangelist J.B. Best) on Easter Sunday, 2004, in which he takes a litany of news items from the previous week and identifies their historical precedents with an eye on the usually troubled role, whether in complicity or negligence, of the United States.   • Long awaited lead single to the debut full length release by anticon co-founder pedestrian • Features vocals by sole and jel and production by jel and odd nosdam • Debut song by new anticon super group, The Arrest the President All-Stars (sole, pedestrian and jel) • Full radio campaign by Spectre • No exports to UK/Europe or Japan


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