• #1 King and Cindy
  • #2 Saturday Night
  • #3 Go Around the World
  • #4 Jam Pusher
  • #5 Million Faces
  • #6 House On the Hill
  • #7 Klan Klan of the Motherfuckers
  • #8 Trans Am Summer Blues
  • #9 Box O' Donuts
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Coleman, John Wesley Iii / Trans-am Summer Blues

Tic Tac Totally

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  • LP
    TTT 061
    Street Date:
    April 16th, 2013
    Ship Date:
    April 15th, 2013
    Street Date:
    October 30th, 2012

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JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN is the definition of the wildman troubador in modern times, and has certainly earned a deserved reputation with his sensibility for original, creative and bizarre recordings with both THE GOLDEN BOYS and his namesake here.  After incredible records released on such noteworthy labels as DAGGERMAN RECORDS and GONER, I couldn;t hold out bugging JWC for a "TTT" release any longer.  The guy has a sens of weird, time-proof stoner genius bottled up "as" rock n roll that is undeniable, and gravity worked it's magnetic pull...assembling a wicked band of helpers into the final recording at Austin's famed SWEATBOX studios for the "well-funded" recording of TRANS-AM SUMMER BLUES. From the first phone conversation with JWC, it became apparent that this next one was going to be something "extra special". Huge in scope of emotion and sound, with a large studio band (pianos, horns, weird,  unidentifiable happenings), all besides the most notable of influences, the fact it was all written during a period of personal loss....AND a period of <em>being John Wesley Coleman </em>simultaneously.  The results are epic and dare I say incredibly "mature". A charismatic and strange collection of sentiments from a GOLDEN BOY's heart. JWC is a lifer with no need to justify his presence. He's the beat poet you can't be annoyed of.  He's the joker and the toker, and the real heart of what we all love about life.  A mix of the real and the absurd in one man, with an uncanny  ability to combine wordly intelligence with humor that "accidentally" hints at the sublime. A half-realized poetic seriousness that meets you in the middle...disarming....unassuming. This is a perfectly blended record for the changing seasons, to be enjoyed with the ghosts of lost loves and BBQ. Mastered at Chicago Mastering for a loud 180 gram pressing.  FAT wax. Includes a high quality digital download as well, and insert poster.  We love you JWC.


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