April 8th, 2010

Art Museums - Pitchfork or Dusted?

Art Museums' debut album, Rough Frame, on Woodsist recently received stately reviews from P-Fork(7.9 rating) and Dusted. Choose your poison:

Pitchfork:  "...Passing on their peers' experimental tendencies, the duo enthusiastically professes the lo-fi indie pop religion of heroes Television Personalities and legendary labels like Sarah, Slumberland, K, and Flying Nun..." Full review HERE.

Dusted: "...their stylistic pastiche becomes survey of generationally-defining movements in guitar music. Mods, glam rockers, punkers, new wavers, K Records and Kiwi popsters, and nineties ur-indie rockers all get their due, but in mostly superficial fashion..." Full review HERE.

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