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Ackerman, Blaster Al

***The planar clarity of the title comes as a result of a mindframe informed by thirty years of prolific and near-anonymous creation as a correspondence artist—one of the great mail artists, in fact, as a well as being a coconspirator in NEOISM, the author of Throbbing Gristle's "Hamburger Lady," and contributor to John M. Bennett's Lost and Found Times, Rupert Wondolowski's Shattered Wig Review, Suzy Crowbar's Popular Reality, R. Kern's Dumb Fucker and many other little magazines for the craggly edges of text. The poems, stories, letters and drawings BLASTER has circulated with reckless abandon through the US Post deal relentlessly with the tenuousness of each person's grasp on anything you might call "reality" or "sanity." In complete possession of the rhythm and vocabulary of the pulp writers like Frederic Brown and Theodore Sturgeon, and with a keen awareness of the structuralists, Fluxus, Oulipo, etc, Blaster's tales of blithering lunacy are like keyholes on the other side of which is the Void. The void, baby—isn't that what you want from a comedy record? Well, we're sure that there isn't another spoken word record on earth as capable of making you feel as if everything is falling away and out from under you.

LP $14.00