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Originally released in 2002, the A Frames’ debut album was a sleeper. That is hard to believe today, as the record has been called “one of the few great new American rock records” (Byron Coley and Thurston Moore, Arthur), “the best American rock record I’ve heard since 100 Flowers” (Jon Solomon, WPRB), and “a truly amazing record made by a truly amazing band with a truly amazing sound” (Mitch Cardwell, Blank Generation). But back when it came out, people were slow to pick up on it. In 2002, S-S Records was still a young ’un, Seattle was recovering from a decade of grunge-commercialism, and punk rock had settled into a steady 1-2-3-4 count. The A Frames post-post-post punk, with its high energy angles and primitive smarts, was a bit new to the ears. A few people dug their first two singles, but most folks weren’t quite ready for a garage punk attack on Wire, Devo and Joy Division…or so they thought. As more and more people heard the A Frames’ debut, more and more became diehard fans. The record started to get rave reviews and make year-end “Best Of” lists. Those skeptical of the hype listened to the record and found that the praise was well-founded (“It’s rare to have an album this solid from top and bottom without an ounce of fluff or duff—it is deserving of any accolades heaped upon it,” Jack Cole, Pataphysics Research Journal). Even with universal props, it took more than a year to sell...

LP $20.25

01/15/2016 655035060316 

SS 003 LP 

CD $12.00


SS 003 CD 

MP3 $9.90

08/31/2010 655035060316 

SS 003 LP 

***“For S.S. Records fiftieth release we are very, very, very proud to announce the A-FRAMES 333 triple album. Back in 2000, when SS, Sr. first saw the A Frames, he knew he had to start a new record label to release their stuff. And with the help of SS, Jr., that is what he did. From the Plastica 45 to two critically acclaimed full lengths and a couple more 45s, the A Frames/S.S. relationship remained so solid that when the A Frames jumped to Sub Pop records, the S.S. production team of CHRIS WOODHOUSE and SCOTT SORIANO went along for the ride. So now, after years of talk, SS and the A-Frames have gathered their singles and EPs together with a whole bunch of demo recordings, outtakes, and unreleased tracks for a forty-two song, triple album set.”

3XLP $29.00


SS 050 

MP3 $26.99

08/31/2010 655035065014 


***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Seattle's angst-ridden art-pop warriors follow up their spectacular debut with a solid hunk of post-punk clang. Thick rhythms and driving bass collide with sparse angular guitar riffs and voiced pronouncements of science, future, and frustration. Produced by CHRIS WOODHOUSE of FM KNIVES and S-S Records chief SCOTT SORIANO of LOS HUEVOS.

LP $20.25

01/16/2016 655035060613 

SS 006 LP 

CD $12.00


SS 006 CD 

MP3 $9.90

09/16/2003 655035060613