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After fifteen years of brutal mayhem, Seattle’s beloved Akimbo decided to call it a day in 2012. Live to Crush, their final release, delivers their trademark-style of bone-crushing bass, screeching guitar, pounding drums and tortured vocals; it is nothing short of perfection. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Akimbo barreled their way through the United States and Europe with all the fervor of a demon army bent on conquest. Beginning with their first show on Halloween 1998 and continuing through their final two-hour concert on August 11th, 2012, the band forged a path of righteousness with a thunderous sound and a menacing presence that echoed far beyond the Pacific Northwest. Jon Weisnewski (bass / vocals) and Nat Damm (drums) solidified a unique and devastating sonic battle-axe, decapitating the skulls of their enemies. After years of rotating guitar players, Aaron Walters (guitar) joined in 2006 and proved himself the defining diesel in this engine of pure, flaming, voluminous rock. Live to Crush is the cumulation of their energy focused in one thick slab of vinyl. Available on Record Store Day as a limited-edition, hand-numbered LP, this instant classic will be treasured by fans and collectors alike.

LP $12.00

04/16/2013 721616045116 


MP3 $8.91

04/16/2013 721616045123 


***BACK IN STOCK!!!  Akimbo has barreled their way through the United States and Europe over the last decade with all the fervor of a demon army bent on conquest. Carving a path of righteousness with a thunderous sound and a menacing presence, Jon Weisnewski (bass / vocals) and Nat Damm (drums) have forged a unique and devastating sonic battle axe. The pair was joined by Aaron Walters (guitar) in 2006, and he has proven to be the defining diesel in this engine of pure, flaming, voluminous rock. Akimbo originally released the sinister and anthemic Jersey Shores on Neurot Recordings in 2008. Inspired by accounts of brutal and savage shark attacks that haunted the New Jersey coast for twelve bloody days in 1916, the band allowed the dark subject matter to fester into the grain of their instruments and recreated their sound anew. Steering away from the beer-fueled "rock for rock's sake" approach, the album explores a more mysterious and brooding territory than other releases and represents a new chapter of the Akimbo saga. With six hammering, primal, evocative, haunting tracks that transport the listener through 45 minutes of timeless fear, Jersey Shores is a new weapon for Akimbo after ten years of aggressive battle through the hallowed pits of the rock 'n' roll underground. This 180-gram vinyl gatefold reissue also marks the continued collaboration between the Seattle band and Alternative Tentacles.  "Musically, Jersey Shores functions like the greatest of horror stories, building its dread with masterful...

LP $13.00

10/05/2010 721616041613 

VIRUS 416 

Akimbo are back with another hearty ass-kicking that will remain a paramount moment of their recording careers.  Inspired by the infamous and bizarre legacy left from a string of shark attacks that occurred in the Garden State in 1916, Jersey Shores isn't just metal, hardcore, or punk rock. Instead, it reminds us why rock and roll was so hated and loathed in when it first arrived. Loud, riotous, rebellious, and defiant are just a few reasons that come to mind.  Recorded over a three-month period at Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music in Louisville, Kentucky, with Chris Owens (Coliseum, Breather Resist) while the band subsisted on a diet of ramen, frozen pizzas and, of course, beer, Jersey Shores isn't the heavy/loud music that one would steal from the tape deck of an older brother's '87 Ford Escort. Nor is it simply an abrasive assortment of gliding guitar riffs on steroids and guttural growls--it's also a hideous hybrid of doom and noise-core that takes no prisoners while its big hairy balls hang out. Make no mistake--history will see Jersey Shores as the moment where Akimbo joined the elder statesmen of heavy music.   There can be no more suitable home for a band like Akimbo and a record like Jersey Shores than Neurot Recordings, a label representing all that is loud and untamable in music.

CD $13.00

10/28/2008 658457106426 

NR064 CD 

MP3 $9.90



Navigating The Bronze by Akimbo


Navigating The Bronze
Alternative Tentacles

Navigating The Bronze, the fifth studio album from Seattle's AKIMBO, is their heaviest and most dynamic release to date. This battle axe of a record was sculpted at Head Bang and Kill Your Mama studio in Louisville, KY with Chris Owens (LORDS, ED GEIN, YOUNG WIDOWS, etc.) whose talent for capturing heavy-hitting bands culminated in ten songs sure to crumble the walls around your stereo. Navigating The Bronze, AKIMBO's second full-length on Alternative Tentacles (third including the 2007 reissue of Harshing Your Mellow - VIRUS 369) features a revamped lineup with fretboard wizard Aaron Walters on guitar and the familiar cement-tight rhythm section of founding members Nat Damm (drums) and Jon Weisnewski (bass/vocals). In addition to a refreshed guitar sound, Weisnewski's token throat-shredding has evolved into a deeper, more ferocious bellow, lending a primal quality to the vocals as well as fueling the inferno with new melodies. Tracks like "You Can Hear the Honey", "Wizard Van Wizard" and "Huge Muscles" will sound instantly familiar to the seasoned AKIMBO connoisseur with frantic pacing and more changes than one can count on two hands. However, Navigating The Bronze has its cache of surprises for old fans, including a classical tribute to Bach in "Megatherium" and drummer Nat Damm - a multiple Seattle Weekly Best Drummer nominee - doing his first ever solo track "Roman Coins." At once the most varied and sonically mature AKIMBO record thus far, Navigating The Bronze is certain to take the band to the next level. AKIMBO will...

LP $9.75

10/30/2007 721616037814 

Virus 378 

CD $13.00

10/30/2007 721616037821 


MP3 $0.00



Harshing Your Mellow by Akimbo


Harshing Your Mellow
Alternative Tentacles

After being out of print for years, early 2007 brings the re-release of AT touring machine AKIMBO's debut release Harshing Your Mellow. Released in 2001 on start-up label Amalagate Records, this is the original album that got AKIMBO moving like a pissed-off snowball. All original 10 songs are here, plus an additional scorching cover of "Vertigo" by LA punk legends SCREAMERS, which was recorded in the same session under the mastery of Wes Weresch (C AVERAGE, ENEMYMINE, VALIS). This vicious, frantic, menacing album captures the band's intense early years before they embraced the more heavy and paced sound that characterized their blistering 2006 Alternative Tentacles debut Forging Steel And Laying Stone. Fans of '80s style driving punk rock (BLACK FLAG, NOMEANSNO, DEAD KENNEDYS) take note, this is the modern album that should have been released on Alternative Tentacles back in the early years. Featuring the original AKIMBO line-up of Jon Weisnewski, Nat Damm and Jared Burke Eglington, the album will be reissued with all new artwork in digipack format.

CD $13.00

03/06/2007 721616036923 


MP3 $0.00



Forging Steel And Laying Stone by Akimbo


Forging Steel And Laying Stone
Alternative Tentacles

Throughout their eight-year existence, AKIMBO has built layers upon layers to their fortress of rock, buttressed by a string of releases, culminating in their fifth album and Alternative Tentacles debut, Forging Steel and Laying Stone. AKIMBO, based in Seattle, features former members of the TIGHT BROS FROM WAY BACK WHEN (Kill Rock Stars) and HOMO ERADICUS (Rock and Role Play). Their pedigree of straight-up rock colliding with virile hardcore adds up to an exciting hybrid reminiscent of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, ZENI GEVA, JESUS LIZARD, MASTODON and fellow Northwesterners THE MELVINS. Forging Steel and Laying Stone is a twelve-song epic that not only justifies AKIMBO’s dominance over Northwest rock/hardcore, but also the expanding reach of their conquest. Like some rock-n-roll heathens intent on gathering cities and scenes under their rule, AKIMBO tours relentlessly, and with a solid album behind them, it shouldn’t be much longer ‘til their name is uttered with reverence tinged with fear.

LP $9.75

01/24/2006 721616034417 

VIRUS 344 

CD $13.00

01/24/2006 721616034424 


MP3 $0.00