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Biafra, Jello With The Melvins

***BACK IN STOCK!!!! Note new price. Like WW I had its WW II and the Gulf War had its Iraqi Freedom, you can't expect an event of epic proportions to end without proper follow-through: hence, Alternative Tentacles presents the second installment from JELLO BIAFRA and the MELVINS! "Never Breathe What You Can't See" (2004) fed the world, in alternating fistfuls, the MELVINS' sonic brutality and BIAFRA's erudite lyrical jesting--and the world cried for more. Sieg Howdy features songs recorded during the Never Breathe... sessions, as well as remixes by AL JOURGENSEN (MINISTRY, LARD), DALEK, and DALE CROVER (MELVINS). And you know that BIAFRA, the consummate record collector, would not even think of releasing another record unless it's good enough to stand on its own! It doesn't matter if you missed the boat the first time or if you couldn't get enough, the dominion of JELLO BIAFRA and the MELVINS is far from over: be prepared yet again to let the most twisted minds in rock detonate your mind.

LP $16.00

10/25/2005 721616035018 

VIRUS 350 

CD $13.00

09/27/2005 721616035025 


MP3 $9.90

10/25/2005 721616035025 

VIRUS 350 

***At last the long-rumored tag-team assault on God, Justice and the American Way of Life is set to grind your minds and pummel your craniums. The project hatched when the MELVINS approached JELLO, expressing their outrage at the phony DEAD KENNEDYS cash-in "reunion" tour and proposed their own tour backing JELLO playing all DEAD KENNEDYS songs. JELLO replied that he would rather write new songs and a band was born. The music is heavy and catchy, the sharp tongue and deadly riffs are everywhere, so if you think these guys have finally mellowed with age or matured as artists, think again. 

LP $16.00

10/26/2004 721616030013 

VIRUS 300 

CD $13.00

10/26/2004 721616030020 


MP3 $7.92