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Blanche Blanche Blanche

***The Brattleboro, VT., duo of SARAH SMITH and ZACH PHILLIPS released several alien-sounding pop records as BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE last year, of them the great and bizarre Wink With Both Eyes via Night People. Now they've got a new 7" single, "Scam" b/w "Press Dumps" out via Berlin's Adagio 830. The A-side treads further into the esoteric reaches of their surreal language, recorded to four-track cassette with all instruments triple-tracked. It's completely devoid of the skeletal keyboards that comprised much of Wink's foundation, instead pairing an anxious, drowned drum march from Phillips with Smith's monotone mantras. It's guest-guitarist Graham Brooks, though, whose haunted, blown-out solos make the track most peculiar and cinematic-- no doubt emphasized by his closing bit of spoken word, ‘The best thing about music is all the stuff you can buy.’"—Pitchfork. German import.

7" $9.25


ADAGIO830 89 

***Brattleboro, VT prolific song writing duo BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE’s second Night-People release shines even more then their excellent first cassette effort. Wink With Both Eyes is a distinct statement in the contemporary underground music environment. It is a distilled, unified, collection of songs compiled from the hundreds of songs BBB has created in the last couple of years. To add extra flavor to their weirdo synth pop songs on Wink With Both Eyes, BBB enlisted many of their Brattleboro music friends including shredders like KKING TUFF, CHRIS WEISMAN and GRAHAM BROOKS. Band members SARAH SMITH and ZACH PHILLIPS didn't use any computers, samplers, drum machines or sequencers when they created Wink With Both Eyes sticking to their own unique processes of song craft. Retained from prior releases is the urgent jazzy retro synth feel, catchy monotone vocals and minimalist post punk references. BBB is a distinct creative team and this LP is there definitive statement thus far.

LP $16.35


NP 150