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Comprised of Primordial vocalist extraordinaire A.A. Nemtheanga, Revenge / Conqueror mastermind J. Read, and C. Ross from the now-defunct and legendary Canadian extreme metal band Axis of Advance, Blood Revolt was formed with the intent to provoke both musically and thematically. It's an intriguing collaboration--Nemtheanga is among metal's most distinct vocalists and his soaring vocal melodies and harmonies are key elements of Primordial; Revenge, Conqueror, and Axis of Advance are some of the most devastating and brutal bands in the history of extreme metal. How will the former's vocals counter the dynamic brutality of the latter? The answer lies in Indoctrine, Blood Revolt's punishing and unique debut album. It's like nothing else in the world of extreme metal--a work destined to be the most controversial metal release of 2010. The concept behind involves a man's revolt against the system and organized religion, where he inevitably finds salvation and vengeance at the barrel of a gun.

CD $12.00

08/03/2010 880270328826 

PFL 061 

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08/03/2010 880270328826