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Death In Venice Beach by Bombpops, The

Bombpops, The

Death In Venice Beach
Fat Wreck Chords

***Where THE BOMBPOPS had a Fear of Missing Out on their 2017 debut full-length, their highly anticipated follow up shows what happens when you’re too involved—with booze, bad situations, and behavior that’s unsustainable at best and destructive at worst. It’s right there in the title—Death in Venice Beach—an allusion to Thomas Mann’s celebrated novella about the price of an artistic life. What draws The Bombpops hasn’t changed on their newest effort: highly melodic punk with big guitars, vocal harmonies, and the SoCal sound that inspired the quartet to pick up instruments. But the more light-hearted skate punk of Fear of Missing Out has a serrated edge on Death in Venice Beach, as they explore darker themes—drawing from real life experiences.

LP $17.75

03/13/2020 751097013311 


CD $13.25

03/13/2020 751097013328 

FAT 133 CD 

Fear Of Missing Out by Bombpops, The

Bombpops, The

Fear Of Missing Out
Fat Wreck Chords

***After two buzz-building EP’s, SoCal punk quartet (and newest member of the Fat Wreck Chords family) THE BOMBPOPS are finally delivering with their highly anticipated debut full-length, Fear of Missing Out. A handful of lineup changes over the past few years delayed progress, but co-founders and frontwomen JEN RAZAVI and POLI VAN DAN finally secured their dream rhythm section and haven’t looked back since. The current iteration of the band finally allowed Jen and Poli to go full steam ahead and unlock the massive potential that’s been tantalizing Bombpops fans all along. Fear of Missing Out unleashes a sharp mix of intensity and poppiness, from the infectious harmonies of “CA in July” to the shotgun blast drive of “Brake Lights” and “I Can’t.” The album’s blend of catchiness and energy is off the charts. The Bombpops teamed up with CHRIS FOGAL of legendary pop-punk band The Gamits as producer, elevating their songs even further with his shine and polish. Although it was a long road to completion, this charged up pop-punk masterpiece was certainly worth the wait. (STREET DATE - 2/10/2017)

LP $17.75

02/10/2017 751097097410 


CD $13.25

02/10/2017 751097097427 

FAT 974 CD