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Shapes Of Venus by Clone Defects

Clone Defects

Shapes Of Venus
In The Red

***The Clone Defects have come crashing out of the current Detroit rock'n'roll scene like a comet penetrating the Earth's atmosphere. Lead by wildman-about-town Tim Vulgar, The Clone Defects have earned quite a reputation over the last several years for their no-holds-barred live shows and their uncompromising recordings. The Clone Defects are rock'n'roll to the core: foul-mouthed, dirty, alcohol-fueled aggression that rightfully blasts out of the hi-fi at a pill party. They've released three singles (the first of which was recorded and produced by White Stripes' Jack White) and one album - monoliths of pure rock action all. On Shapes Of Venus, they continue to blaze the same trail as their previous releases with even sharper songwriting skills. The sound is a biting mix of glam rock, Killed-By-Death-style punk, and some natural born midwest insanity. Some bands go out of their way to act weird, wild and fucked up, whereas the Clone Defects can't help it. This is the real article.  * Two words: Deeeee-troit!  * Three words: weird, wild, fucked  * Three more words: In The Red  * Previous single produced by Jack White of White Stripes

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