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Asleep In America by Crisis Man

Crisis Man

Asleep In America
Digital Regress

We haven't gone soft quite yet, happy to present a long-awaited (and long pressing plant delayed) debut LP from Crisis Man. Featuring members of Smirk, Ceremony, and Acrylics, the new record continues the knuckle-dragging right where the last 7" left it. Recorded back in 2020 but still prescient given our countries current war-hawking and manufacturing of consent. Asleep In America's tightly-sprung cadence constantly driving and hammering mirrors the sensations of a steady decline in autonomy and quality of life. A thoroughly American experience. Edition of 500.

LP $22.00


DR 48 

The Myth Of Moderation by Crisis Man

Crisis Man

The Myth Of Moderation
Digital Regress

***CRISIS MAN return with their 2nd effort, The Myth Of Moderation. Featuring ROSS FARRAR from CEREMONY on vocals and BEN WRIGHT from ACRYLICS / RUTon guitar, this 7" packs all the energy of early Ceremony perfectly complemented by Ben's chorused out guitar riffs. An aural display of what living in the bay area feels like, the rent is due, the car doesn't run anymore, a techie just took the last seat on the crowded BART car. The glass was full to the brim with anxious energy already, but now it's been knocked on the floor.

7" $7.50


DR 28