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***Dutch experimental raw death metal absurdity Cryptae return with their second full-length deformity, Capsule, their most aberrant, delirious and labyrinthine (master)piece of anti-music yet. Conceived through a deconstructed and radicalized approach of "less is more", this new chapter of conceptualized insanity sees the deranged duo of drummer/vocalist Rene Aquarius and guitarist/bassist Kees Peerdeman starve and disassemble death metal from within, as they explore a cryptic concept revolving around marine life and its abysses teeming with absurd and marvelous life forms. The staple high contrast minimalist/maximalist experimental approach of Cryptae in deteriorating the familiar fabric of death metal and finding new and insane ways to dismount and reassemble the genre through delirious aural experiments, this time reaches truly extraordinary and implausible new dimensions of the absurd. Entire strings of death metal's DNA are removed and replaced with components from other genres in a deranged and playful act of stylistic disfiguration, yielding deformities unending and essentially crippling the genre into an incomprehensible, skeletal mutation. A violently malformed and enigmatic abstraction arises from this delusion, through the forced abortion and abolition of all musical canons and decency, triggering a marvelous rebirth through conceptual annihilation and spasmodic nonconformity which is set to challenge and destabilize our perception of extreme metal at the deepest levels. A glitched and distorted sonic fractal of demented improvisation drives Cryptae's crippled and deconstructed raw death metal experiment, as primitive raw (post)-punk, repetitive and bludgeoning industrial, schizoid no-wave, and jazz-derived free-form backward moving meters and compositional oddities all do their...

CD $14.00



***Dutch experimental raw death metal deformity Cryptae bring you "Decrepit Collection", a glorious 12" vinyl compilation containing their unparalleled 2017 self titled debut demo tape on side A (for the first time ever on vinyl), and 2019's 20 minute single-track EP "Vestigal" on side B, both remastered to their their most sonically crushing form yet. This surreal artifact of complete sonic delirium revisits Cryptae's birth as an authentic error of creation and documents the early development of their hallucinatory and completely unprecedented sound as they threw derailing raw punk, spastic primitive death metal, rogue strains of underdeveloped noise and industrial and free-form improvisation into a deformed and glitched out experiment of aberrant abstract brutality.

LP $17.75


SRUIN 136 

***Dutch experimental raw death metal deliriants Cryptae (featuring members of Plague Organ, Imperial Cult, Dead Neanderthals etc.) set out to once again crush your synapses with the nauseating and surrealistic churning miasma that is their debut full-length album Nightmare Traversal. Although both band members come from vastly different musical backgrounds, which include experimental and improvised styles of music outside of metal, Cryptae remains the conduit through which they revel in their unending love for the most defiling forms of death metal and through which they explore the possibilities of the genre's most aberrant deformations. With Nightmare Traversal the duo focused on writing the most warped, disorienting, and suffocating death metal delirium they could come up with, leaving experimentation and free-form composition to run rampant as usual while adding more focus than ever before to the violence and inescapability of their unique and unclassifiable death metal crush-depth.  Lyrically and thematically on Nightmare Traversal the band has envisioned a surreal and dystopian artificial landscape inspired by old violent and gore-drenched video games, almost like stripping away the player, the monsters, the guns and the gore from 90s games like DOOM, Carmageddon and Blood, to leave the motionless and surrealistic digitalized settings to take a life and center scene of their own. This has resulted in an amorphous and glitched aural monstrosity packed with bleak lyrics, oppressive atmospheres, and erratic song structures channeling visions of crude concrete geometry, suffocating corridors, hidden passages and drab horizons of an empty and encapsulated digital world...

LP $17.75


SRUIN 116 

***Deranged Dutch experimentalists CRYPTAE return with another enigmatic mess of malformed and deviant experimental raw death metal, unfolding a single staggering eighteen-plus-minute track of complete aural delirium. Within the mammoth headfuck of a song the duo cover an enormous amount of ground, letting lose on literally all of their most demented musical delusions and tapping into a monstrous pool of influences to unleash an aural pandemonium of absolutely unseen lunacy. Extremely cerebral and sophisticated, yet raw, repulsive, visceral and mercilessly unforgiving, on Vestigial Cryptae blur the lines between improvisation and deliberate erraticism and draw influence from a surreal array of seemingly antithetic influences ranging from Morbid Angel, to Magma, John Coltrane, Macabre and beyond, to construct an hallucinatory sonic maze of utmost brutality, where shapeshifting tempos, vertigo-inducing repetitions, and demented song structures are meticulously designed to disorient the listener and annihilate their last shred of sanity.

LP $21.25