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Daughters Of The Sun

Minneapolis torn-leather psychedelicists Daughters Of The Sun cop a tripped deathless vibe on their fourth, and most far-gone, full-length, Ride To Die. Severed by distance (singer/guitarist Nick Koenigs transplanted to LA), and pulled omni-directionally by other projects (Koenigs as Filthy Huns; percussionist Bennett Johnson and multi-instrumentalist Collin Gorman Weiland in Dreamweapon), the trio transmute these tolls into seven of their best badlands kosmosis interstate benders yet taped. The disintegrated chemistry of dirt-road hunts like “Desert Grave” or “Sater’s Ghost” sounds ingrained but reborn, bruised engines re-revving to life. Highway synth rhythms flutter between motorcycle riffs and pummeling war drums, evoking landscapes harboring psychic venom, a spirit bleaching the grease-stained sand. Moments of survivor wisdom burn too – the burned lope of “Lonely At The Top,” the rainstorm techno pulsing under “Fly By,” the 4:20 fatal vision intro to “Reigns Of Iron.” As songs and textures the LP pushes past their previous recordings into some unknown wrecked horsepower zone. Debut European tour this October currently being booked; drop a line if interested in helping or participating in any fashion. Recorded in Minneapolis, MN; mastered by Sonic Boom at New Atlantis. Artwork by Collin Gorman Weiland. Edition of 400.

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08/05/2014 655035038711 

NNF 287 

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***“Long-running Twin Cities horsepower trio Daughters Of The Sun have been subtly chugging out their faded-tattoo spirit-in-the-sky psych exhaust for at least half a decade now but we didn’t catch the drift till March ’09, when we got to witness a packed post-midnight smoke-soaked Minneapolis loft set and waved our lighter with the masses. Ghost With Chains is their third official full-length (not including some EPs and a killer split) and it’s as beautifully moon-burnt and highway-swept as anything they’ve done.”

LP $13.00


NNF 210 

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01/18/2011 655035021010 


Ancient Of The Ancients by Daughters Of The Sun

Daughters Of The Sun

Ancient Of The Ancients
Moon Glyph

“The peaceful side of the word 'primordial' is not often mentioned when discussing music, but it does exist and if it didn't exist before, it will with the release of Daughters of the Sun's Ancient of the Ancients. Texturally, the two swathes of music splitting this album evoke an antediluvian pre-dawn, when wildness and stillness were on in the same. The Daughters begin and end Ancient with passages constructed with flutes, chimes and ostensible field recordings that tend to teem and effervesce around the throbbing tribal eruptions at the heart of the cassette.” —Moon Glyph

MP3 $5.98

11/01/2009 655035000541 

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