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***Portland, OR-based bestial esoteric black/death metal sorcerers Diabolic Oath are back with another annihilating chapter in their unrelenting conquest of the outer limits of total sonic bedlam. This time the experimental extreme metal trio return with the Aischrolatreia MLP, a prelude to their forthcoming sophomore full-length album which offers another glimpse into the band's unique and hallucinatory formula of barbaric occult war metal and unconventional fretless instrumentation and composition. The twenty-four minute, five-song esoteric weapon of mass annihilation delivers a churning and abysmal onslaught of warped, tectonic hallucinations, with the band designing seemingly impossible and highly cerebral trajectories with their respective instruments while the load of death emanating from these plague-ridden conjurations crushes the listener down with merciless abandon into complete aural carnage. With Aischrolatreia Diabolic Oath have proven once again of being one of the most transformative and unconventional forces in extreme metal, with their undisputed talents as virtuosic musicians being lent with staggering vision and imagination to one of the most animalistic and inhuman manifestations of extreme metal being forged today.

CD $14.00



LP $22.95


SRUIN 175  

***On their harrowing debut album for Sentient Ruin, Portland OR extreme metal tormentors Diabolic Oath unleash complete hell on earth, unraveling one of the most unnerving and annihilating displays of sonic tyranny to have been vomited out of the West Coast of the United States in recent times.   While the influences drawn from bands like Teitanblood, Immolation, and Bestial Warlust help trace a profile, the album remains an enigmatic abhorrence quite hard to fully define or categorize, with its colossal yield of destruction shaped primarily through an unorthodox mastery of the fretless guitar and bass accompanied by a triple and often simultaneous vocal attack, an unusual and free-form approach to the black/death craft which has resulted in an album of almost otherworldly destructive traits. Standing out as a peculiar defining trait are also the album's noticeably decreased tempos and dismal atmospherics which stem from the band's veneration of extreme doom, which, opposed to the intensity and brutality of the execution unmistakably descend from the most violent fringes of war metal, has resulted in an overall sound with tank-like resemblances, colossal and imposing in the form but unrelenting and perpetually perpetrating destruction in the deliverance.

LP $16.35