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Silent Treatment by Dump


Silent Treatment

Grapefruit is a subscription-based record club now in its third year, founded by musician Simon Joyner and Ba Da Bing Records head Ben Goldberg to release exclusive, limited-edition, vinyl-only albums as part of an annual series, sharing identical cover art but in different colors. Subscribers receive an LP every three months, by artists that are of some renown, or are just getting started. The only connection between each group is that Joyner and Goldberg are both fans. Only 300 copies of each release are pressed—and for a limited time, these LPs are now available outside a direct subscription in extremely low quantities. Dump is James McNew, known primarily for his work as a member of Yo La Tengo. The Silent Treatment, collection of new recordings, comes on the heels of a series of Dump reissues and features a couple covers (“You Say You Don’t Love Me” by The Buzzcocks and “Yo Yo Bye Bye” by Why?) amidst the beautiful originals.

LP $20.25


GY 2-4 

Grown Ass Man by Dump


Grown Ass Man

***CHECK STOCK!!! Performing on the current Yo La Tengo tour whenever the band’s Spinning Wheel lands on DUMP. Some of us know James McNew as the guy without the purse or penchant for Arthur Lyman from the Boston band Christmas, or perhaps as the snare-drum bassist for Yo La Tengo, or if you attended the Jodeci after party with that bitch-ass mutherfucker you been sweating on of late, you are probably more familiar with him as the auteur of his one-man band Dump. McNew has released a series of records, CDs and cassettes over the last decade for various labels, but has made Shrimper Dump’s permanent home away from home, starting with the all-Prince-covers That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice cassette (reissued on CD with bonus tracks), followed by the Women in Rock CDEP, through, for the first time in half a decade, a new full length album. Take a seat please. A Grown-Ass Man includes ten new cuts penned by McNew, three covers (The Isley Bros.’ “Mr. Too Damn Good,” Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song,” and a duet with Sue Garner on Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells’ “Once Upon a Time”). Between tours with Yo La Tengo, James will tour the coasts on his own by harvest time. Bring some Kleenex, emo kingpin, cuz these songs are going to have you growing streams of tears.

CD $12.00

04/01/2003 759718113921 

shr 139CD 

MP3 $9.90

04/01/2003 759718113921 


Women In Rock by Dump


Women In Rock

***CHECK STOCK!!! Performing on the current Yo La Tengo tour whenever the band’s Spinning Wheel lands on DUMP. Following up his 1998 whirlwind tour of awards banquets, rock festivals, and A-list celebrity bashes, JAMES McNEW (Yo La Tengo & Associates) kicks off the double-nine with yet another notice-serving collection of new material. Five delicate and moving, faux Brian Wilson-free pop songs to get your skin ready for an upcoming full-length itch. Features cover art courtesy of Aggi of the Pastels. Put in the disc, lay back, and live the vicarious hi-life.

CD $6.75

01/26/1999 759718110326 

shr 103cd 

MP3 $4.95

01/26/1999 759718110326