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Resurrection by Fury


L.G. Records

Recorded in 1989 on the remaining ten minutes left at the end of Swiz’s Hell Yes I Cheated reel-to-reel and originally released at the time as a 33 RPM 7-inch, this 2023 release presents a 12-inch 45RPM version remastered by Tim Green with an extra song recovered from the tape archives of Jason Farrell. The brief story of Fury: At some point in 1989, members of Washington DC punk bands Swiz and Ignition formed Fury as a loose experiment with no intentions beyond being a diversion. The band existed for a few months, wrote six songs, and played two shows. Shawn Brown and Chris Thomson switched their musical roles from their regular bands as vocalist and bass player. The eyes-closed leap into those unfamiliar positions imbued the recording its feeling of deranged chaos, while the well-seasoned duo of Jason Farrell and Alex Daniels nailed down each song with the signature agility and power displayed in their more familiar work together. The recording is a vexing listen that sounds like a Neapolitan swirl of Swiz, Void, and the Germs. Was it precision theatre? Or was it a natural step back into a more primitive and comfortable place for four young veterans that just wanted to fill the daily void of existential restlessness? The track “Resurrection” famously made it onto the final Swiz LP. The final track “Last One” got cut off halfway through recording and the band looped and spliced it into a dizzying psychedelic nightmare / masterpiece. The recording has...

12" $22.00

09/29/2023 711574941216 


Flying by Fury



***Here it is folks, the first ever Hozac Archival release, and man is it a whopper. The 40th anniversary first edition of two unissued 1972 cuts by New York proto punk group, FURY, fronted by a young SONNY VINCENT, who would later etch out his stain on the wall of punk history in the TESTORS and an illustrious solo career. These two tracks were recorded and shopped around to record companies in the early 1970s, only to have their dreams quashed due to lack of interest, and the band, subsequently disillusioned and restless, disbanded without any real document of it's existence. Sonny quickly started up another band upon Fury’s demise, LIQUID DIAMONDS, in 1973, and never looked back (Liquid Diamonds debut 7" coming soon on Hozac as well!), so it's with such great excitement that we thrust forth this debut Fury single, an explosive fireball of rock'n roll mayhem aimed straight at your groin, the way it was intended, in the perfect, screaming 45 rpm format. Bonehead cruncher? Yer damn right, this criss-crossed between heavy-handed biker rock and thug pungk supreme, dripping with chain grease and burnt skin, a true ball-crushing, tit-ripping rock'n roll gem for the ages, sadly unreleased and completely unknown during it's time. Sonny's signature style is immediate, even at this early of an age, the seething vocals are incredible, sounding much like his better-known later Testors material, yet with such an over-the-top proto punk hammer damaged sound drilling away in the background, you'll feel your life...

7" $7.25

01/15/2013 655035012575 

HZR 125 

MP3 $1.98

11/06/2012 655035012575