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DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDES FIVE BONUS REMIXES!!!   Parisian Stereolabber's vinyl debut (after an earlier cassette EP on NNF) is a lovely pair of minimal keyboard hypno-pop sketches, tranced and translucent. Edition of 500.

7" $6.30

06/21/2011 655035013374 

NNF 233 

MP3 $6.93

08/08/2011 655035013374 


Few folks need an excuse to wanna visit Paris but it doesn’t hurt the city’s rep that some cool new musical fumes seem to be steaming up from the cobblestoned underground lately. Chief among ‘em on our map is Sebastien Forrester, a friendly French boheme who traffics within a mélange of aliases and outfits but whose freshest mask is Holy Strays, and it’s our favorite. Stuttery motorik drum machinations, Stereolab basslines, hypno keyboard spirals, melodic fogs that float up then dissipate, a pleasingly blurry production vibe – the elements are all there and they gel superlatively. Hyperion is his first time out under the HS flag and there’s every reason for it to not be the last.

MP3 $5.94

04/05/2011 655035819440 

NNF 194