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Never Cross The Dead by Hooded Menace

Hooded Menace

Never Cross The Dead
Profound Lore

Lasse Pyykkoe is a legend of sorts in Finland's underground death metal scene, first surfacing in the band Phlegethon in the late '80s and more recently doing time in killer acts Claws, Vacant Coffin and Acid Witch. But no band has generated more attention than Hooded Menace, who deliver some of the most vile, sludgy death doom today.  Formed in 2007, Hooded Menace was soon drawing comparisons to classic and legendary acts of the genre such as Winter, old-school Cathedral, Asphyx, Hellhammer, Paradise Lost and of course the almighty Autopsy. Their reputation is built solidly on a crushing blend of old-school guttural death metal and plodding, menacing doom. Pyykkoe's growled tributes to cult horror movies, backed by methodically heavy sludge riffs, have won the band acclaim from underground metal and horror film fans alike. Now, with Never Cross the Dead, Pyykkoe and company unleash their mightiest and most fearsome album yet.  "... disregarding predictable riffs, artwork, and vocal style, Finland's Hooded Menace strike big. Fulfill the Curse (Razorback, 2008) is astounding for a first full-length. Hooded Menace pack goodies from doom predecessors Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, and Winter alike. But they do it with a punch in the gut." --Invisible Oranges

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