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New Sex Society by Inutili


New Sex Society

***INUTILI from Teramo, Italy has been in constant progression over the last 7 years. Their latest move is the addition of saxophone player LUCA DI GIAMMARCO. His playing is smooth and soulful at times and aggressive as a hungry alligator when the band goes fast and hard. As a new edition to the band he plays on two of the songs, they each clock in at just under 20 minutes. Luca’s has a few solo parts, they make me think of “a love supreme.” Suddenly though the floor drops out and the band is on a tear, madness, songs within songs. The band’s sixth album New Sex Society, also has some long-form pop songs, “Singing Dogs” clocks in at 4:05, “Space Time Bubble” at 8: 39.

LP $11.00


AGO 120 

Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets by Inutili


Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets

***Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets is the third full length album from INUTILI. Emerging from the vibrant rock scene in Teramo, Italy they continue to change, without completely abandoning their peculiar character. In their new songs, the tracks are less dilated. Improvisation is channeled in a form closer to the classic song, but in practice every track is different. There are still passages of epic psychedelia that could and SHOULD go on forever but the real news is the addiction of the sinewy vocals, half-sung, half- grumbled. The vinyl version is a uniform work, it’s heavy and majestic ringing with energy. The CD version has a bonus song that shows the various ways that the band is testing new mutations. Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets is idiosyncratic, primal and euphoric and yet somehow manages to stay catchy.

LP $14.25


AGO 090 

CD $9.25


AGO 090 CD 

Unforgettable Lost And Unreleased by Inutili


Unforgettable Lost And Unreleased

***Recorded at Torricalla Studios in 2012 and 2013, this CD collects the best of INUTILI’s early recordings before the great bassist (GIANCARLO DI MARCO) left the band. In a way this CD is a sort of passage in the artistic evolution of the band. The album starts with the bubbling and forceful “Untitled” then moves into the blissed-out trance of “Bangkok” with its casual web of guitar solo constructions. The third track “Nicotine” has an electrified blues feel. It starts out chill and smoky but then builds into some sharp shredding. Inutili then fills the floor with cement for “Noise Again” and “No Name Science.” You are stuck in the thick of a pummeling attempt to stop time. It’s super heavy and expansive without being wanky. The sixth track “Radon” locks in hard and stays that way (think Pharaoh Overlord). Next is “The Monarch Must Die,” which is more heavy, perfect, psych madness that’s bombastic from start to finish. The eighth song “Mechanical Lady” gives you a breather with a creeping groove and an underwater sounding guitar riff. In the last song, you know you’re screwed after the first few seconds. The beginning and end are nauseating and the middle fries your face off.

CD $11.00


AGO 077 CD 

Music To Watch The Clouds On A Sunny Day by Inutili


Music To Watch The Clouds On A Sunny Day

***INUTILI returns with a new 12” LP on Aagoo Records. From the city of Teramo, Italy comes this heady, hypnotic, improvisational rock. The plural of inutile, Inutili means pointless, useless, or unprofitable, yet their music is anything but. Terminal Boredom says, “A galloping bass line leads the way unwavering for five minutes plus as the guitars thread and weave around it, slowly working their way into a full tilt Itallio space war of cosmic carnage”. As well, their album Satori (Bat Shit/Goodbye Boozy) was praised on The Styrofoam Drone: “Snarling guitar shards lead the way for a majority of the 15 minutes, sending us through a barrage of warbled, dagger-like shredding that does not go down easily.” Inutili’s 12” is comprised of only two songs. The A-side “Fry your Brain” starts out otherworldly. Dreamy sequences lead into a sweet, spaced-out, riffed-up jam that ends up pounding your face off (in a ‘Blissful the Oceanic’ kinda way). The B-side is a bluesier epic that starts out peaceful; but by the seven minute mark, a flurry of timeless of psych disaster is fully unleashed. I can listen to some bands play for hours—Trad Gras Och Steiner,  Pharaoh Overload, Oneida—and now I can add one more to the list: Inutili.

12" $10.50


AGO 070