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AVAILABLE AGAIN... New Pressing limited to 147 copies on opaque blue vinyl in reverse board jackets. With their four-track demo recorded in a friend's flat, Brighton's IRREPARABLES stripped away the excess of some 35 years of punk rock and found perfection in its most rudimentary elements. The ghosts of Ramones, Dead Moon, Wipers, The Cure, and The Shaggs remain. In an increasingly contrived world, reaffirmation is found in their simple, direct nature. Innocence and longing ("I Wanna Make a Fanzine," "Dear Mixtape," "Broken Sound") stand beside contempt and disgust ("Bendito sea Dios," "Spit on the Pope," "Release the Hounds," "Digested System"). These 10 songs make up the totality of Irreparables' recorded existence. Features members of CISMA, DESTRUCCION, FIRMEZA 10, OTAN, LAS TIMIDAS, and others. "If the Desperate Bicycles had mohawks, if the Vaselines wore studded jackets with Destrucción backpatches and sung about making fanzines instead of not being wanted by Jesus Christ, if some shitty indie-rock kids suddenly discovered the virtues of keeping things raw and not giving a fuck about musicianship, chances are the result would sound more or less like Irreparables, the current band I’ve blasted on repeat in 2012, sometimes up to five times a day, seven days a week. They only have one self-released demo tape out, and they probably imploded five minutes after releasing it, but shit do I love this tape. This is just what you need if you’ve been feeling a bit burned out and bored with punk – anthemic inept...

LP $16.35


NOMI 022 

MP3 $9.90

06/25/2013 655035032214