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Legendary Pink Dots

The Maria Dimension - The Complete Recordings by Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

The Maria Dimension - The Complete Recordings

***The Legendary Pink Dots classic psychedelic masterwork from 1991 is released now with all the bonus tracks previously available on the extremely limited (and expensive) 5LP box set from 2015. In addition to the original album, remastered by Edward Ka-Spel, two additional CDs of material from the same recordings sessions are presented here. It’s all packed into an eight-panel digipak with a 12 page booklet with lyrics and notes about the recordings. It’s three hours of music in one package!

3XCD $36.75

11/11/2022 753907788723 

SOL 187 CD 

The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse - 30th Anniversary Edition by Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse - 30th Anniversary Edition

***REISSUED!!! THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS originally released The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse in 1990, sandwiched between the highly acclaimed albums The Golden Age and The Maria Dimension. Critics may differ, but fans generally consider this period to be the band's creative peak, an opinion that is backed up by solid and steady sales of the back catalog. The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse is an intoxicating blend of rock and psychedelia, seasoned with a touch whimsy, simultaneously engaging and memorable. Three decades on the music stands unblemished, timeless, enduring, and vital. This 30th Anniversary Edition of The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse includes the complete album as well as the tracks from the Princess Coldheart EP and two extended session recordings on a bonus LP. It is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket, with a lyric insert and a color postcard with a download code. Limited edition of 250 copies on black vinyl, 250 on clear vinyl.

2XLP $34.85

10/18/2019 753907787511 

SOL 175 B 

Jnana Records is proud to reissue the The Legendary Pink Dots’ Asylum, originally released as a double-LP in 1985. The CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve with an eight-page booklet featuring new liner notes by Edward Ka-Spel as well as the only two photos of the group’s first lineup. Asylum was remastered in 2014 by Ka-Spel and features a rare bonus track making its debut on CD.  “We recorded this in the tiny bedroom of violin player Patrick [Wright] who was the only Pink Dot to own an 8-track tape recorder and a ‘real’ mixing desk back in 1985. I’d moved to The Netherlands in December 1984 and it had all gone terribly wrong.... Ultimately I fled to a friend’s floor in Amsterdam on the train with a synthesizer under one arm and a bag of clothes over the other shoulder…. Graham Whitehead actually joined the Dots during the long-protracted sessions as he was the second decent keyboard player in a band that was now used to two ivory tinklers for some time, and he was also Patrick’s flatmate. “Steve Stapleton (Nurse with Wound) gave a little assistance with a couple of tracks as we waded through the mountain of recordings. Still mostly it was a time of people disappearing. Julie [Niblock Waller], who joined the Dots from Attrition, dropped out from the recordings quite early….  “Ultimately I completed the album with Patrick and Phil [Knight], and strangely the result turned out to be a small pearl...

CD $13.00

10/21/2014 700175736260 


*Do Not Use - Maria Dimension by Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

*Do Not Use - Maria Dimension

CD $12.85

01/28/2008 753907332124 

CAD 3488 CD 

A Dream Is A Dream Is A Dream by Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

A Dream Is A Dream Is A Dream
Beta-lactam Ring

***THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS recorded live at De Vrije Vloer in Utrecht, Holland, January 21, 1987 featuring the original six-piece line up—EDWARD KA-SPEL, STRET MAJEST, JASON SALMON, SILVERMAN, GRAHAM WHITEHEAD, and PATRICK Q. WRIGHT. First 1000 DVD's are packaged in six-panel gatefold wallets.

DVD $15.50

10/24/2005 753907140293 

MT 101 

Canta Mientras Puedas by Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

Canta Mientras Puedas

***The second anthology from the LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, and a collection of seductive songs recorded over the last five years. Thirteen tracks in all, including rare cuts and previously unreleased versions of "Friend" and "A Velvet Resurrection."

CD $13.75

08/03/2004 753907774726 

SOL 47 CD 

All The King's Horses by Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

All The King's Horses

***The companion release to the All The King's Men album (ROIR), inspired and affected by the events of September 11th, from these long-running whimsical psych madcaps led by EDWARD KA-SPELL. Paradoxical, provocative, and designed to leave the listener with a feeling of hope. On tour.

CD $13.75

10/22/2003 753907332827 

CAD 4617 CD 

2XLP $27.25

10/22/2003 753907332810 

CAL 028