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***Generation Club is a mesmerizing collection of tracks blending dream-like synth and brooding undertones, inviting the listener into a dark and hazy realm. As with all of LOVE INKS’ recordings, Generation Club was recorded on a half-inch tape machine, by the band in their hometown of Austin. “We started planning the record on our first European tour,” says lead singer SHERRY LEBLANC. “The tour began and ended in Berlin, so that city holds our first and last impression of the whole experience. Once we got home to write, there were subconscious ideas and moods that came from either the places we saw, things we read or the music we were listening to. It was different for everyone, but Berlin was definitely the framework.”

LP $15.50

10/01/2013 700175769541 


MP3 $9.90

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FLAC $11.99

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