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Songs For A Dead Pilot by Low


Songs For A Dead Pilot

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The first Kranky collaboration with LOW was released in the fall of 1997. The vinyl format for this has been out of print the longest of any of the band’s Kranky releases, and is finally available again for the analog purists.

LP $20.25

11/25/2022 796441802111 


CD $12.00

10/31/1997 796441802128 


Christmas by Low



***BACK IN STOCK!!! First time vinyl release for this classic LOW holiday recording. We would suggest that few bands from an ostensibly "indie rock" background should release Christmas music, if not out of respect for the holiday or material then at least out of a sense of self-esteem. Low, however, were made for this. Their attention to musical detail combined with the heavenly vocal harmonies of ALAN SPARHAWK and MIMI PARKER are perfectly attuned to both traditional carols like “Silent Night” and more contemporary tunes such as “Blue Christmas.” Christmas contains a selection of seasonal songs, including four originals by the band, mostly recorded at Lowʼs 20º Below studio in Duluth, MN. “If You Were Born Today” and “Blue Christmas” were released as a 7-inch single in 1997 on the English Wurlitzer Jukebox label, while “Taking Down The Tree” is taken from a 1998 compilation of live recordings issue by the Dutch VPRO radio station.

LP $19.00

10/26/2010 796441815319 


CD $12.00

11/14/2005 796441899920 

KRANK153 / CKU 001 CD 

You May Need A Murderer by Low


You May Need A Murderer
Konkurrent / Soulmining

***On several occasions in 2007, Dutch documentary maker DAVID KLEIJWEGT filmed the legendary chamber-rock trio LOW. In total for almost a month the film crew followed core members ALAN SPARHAWK and MIMI PARKER in their natural habitat: on tour, at home in Duluth, Minnesota, in their church community and as parents. You May Need A Murderer is a portrait of a band set against the scenery of modern day America, a country that according to Low is rapidly becoming a third world country. This high-standard documentary is more than an on-the-road movie or behind-the-scenes video. You May Need A Murderer shows Sparhawk as the ambivalent main character in an intriguing movie about religion, violence, questions of conscience and—whether concealed or not—madness, that can also be seen as a touching love story. Broadcasted by VPRO television in the Netherlands.

DVD $9.75

06/03/2008 718752059992 

SM 002 

Things We Lost In The Fire by Low


Things We Lost In The Fire

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Another Minnesota slow-down from the frozen prairie's coolest trio. Fourteen tracks of sparse and drifting space pop soothe, floated on the beautiful vocals of ALAN SPARHAWK and MIMI PARKER, and anchored by ZAK SALLY's dreamy bass.

CD $16.00

02/05/2008 796441804627 


2XLP $30.00

08/30/2011 796441804610 


***BACK IN PRINT!!! The ninth full-length album from slo-mo beauty dealers LOW, and the band's most assertive and expansive release to date. Thirteen tracks recorded in Minneapolis with TOM HERBERT and mixed in London by TCHAD BLAKE (Latin Playboys, Lisa Germano, Pearl Jam), and featuring guest vocals on two tracks by GERRY BECKLEY of 1970s soft-rock giants AMERICA, and banjo work from MARC GARTMAN.

CD $14.00

09/23/2002 796441805228 


2XLP $30.00

11/19/2021 796441805211 


Secret Name by Low


Secret Name

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Twelve new tracks of morphinous, skeletal drift-sound wonders from the combined voices, guitars and percussion of ALAN SPARHAWK, MIMI PARKER and ZAK SALLY. Diverse and painless songs that cut simply but effectively through heart-strings and nervous systems, leaving an absorbed and beautiful corpse in their wake. Features added instrumentation of strings, piano and timpani. 

CD $14.00

03/29/1999 796441803521 


2XLP $30.00

11/19/2021 796441803514