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Basslines For Life by Ludzha, Buz

Ludzha, Buz

Basslines For Life
100% Silk

Buz Ludzha belongs to the “tape throb” lineage Andrew Morrison more prominently pioneers as The Cyclist, but filtered through an even more blasted, resinous speaker cone. Last year’s debut single on All City, Love Repetitive Rhythmics (aptly named, btw), traced the template but his newest EP, Basslines For Life, delivers on its title, going harder and stretching further into his unique splinter mode of wrecked EQ’s: grainy drum machinery, gain-streaked synths, decayed soul samples, motorik dancefloor manoeuvres in the dark. All four tracks are mixed hot and humid, swarming cassette textures churning over conveyor belts of blown-out bass, warehouse rhythm, and salvaged voice, through seas of strangers towards speakers you feel as much as hear. Communion demands desire; believe or be leaving. Black vinyl 12 inches with center labels designed by John Michael. Mastered by Eric Hanson.

12" $12.00


SILK 086 

MP3 $3.96

03/18/2016 642610485336 


FLAC $4.99

03/18/2016 642610485336