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***Canada/UK super group featuring members of LEATHERFACE and Montreal’s THE SAINTE CATHERINES. This is the late DICKIE HAMMOND's, (Leatherface) final work. Edition of 300 copies with download.

LP $18.60

10/28/2016 638936959910 

DBR 155 

***The debut album from New Milford, Connecticut's melodic saving grace, MEDICATION. The one-man home-recording project has built itself up into a fully-automated live band over the past year, but the seductive recordings contained herein, lush in their simplistic, beautiful morosity, and minimally-orchestrated fragility, have continued to seep into the fabric that defines the season better than any other modern contenders. MIKEY HYDE’s songwriting development is steeped in the winning revelatory combination of isolation and reverberation, and as the static-laden echoes rise and fall against the imaginary backdrop of your mind, it's tough to fight off the therapeutic effects Medication will have on your physical and mental well-being. As if self-prescribing music like this hasn't been the answer to society's ills all along, playing the first full-length by Medication in times of despair or hopelessness like these has never been more important. Catch the band live on tour with The Dutchess & The Duke out east this January, too!

LP $13.50

01/26/2010 655035184913 

HZR 049 

CD $11.25


HZR 049 CD 

MP3 $9.90

01/26/2010 655035184913