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God Won't Save You, But I Will by Merz, Nicholas

Merz, Nicholas

God Won't Save You, But I Will

***In the early stages of writing this album, it became very clear that recording it live was a necessary equation even at it’s inception. Lyrically, the album circles around the theme of letting go, and thus it made perfect sense to allow the material to be loose by nature and a response to it’s limitations.  The album was written roughly between May-Sept ’18, the songs were sparsely demoed and given to the band in September, and the band came together two days before tracking to rehearse. The album was recorded in a home of a friend in Landers, CA outside of Joshua Tree over two days. It was recorded entirely live, even vocals with zero overdubs.  The band consisted of Nicholas Merz (guitar/vocals), Cory Hanson (guitar), Candace Harter (keys), Evan Backer (drums), Adrienne Humblet (bass), and Robbie Cody (engineer/producer).

LP $13.25


AGO 123 

The Limits Of Men by Merz, Nicholas

Merz, Nicholas

The Limits Of Men

***Aagoo Records has announced the forthcoming debut solo album from Seattle-based song crafter NICHOLAS MERZ. Entitled The Limits of Men, this nine-track offering is previewed by the invigorating powerhouse first single "Bulled Rose," a track that is about being born into the labor force, family and power dynamics. After releasing six albums with the Seattle indie rock explorers DARTO, Merz has finally made his first solo album. This entails a collection of work is based on ideas he’s been thinking about since his teens. The nine tracks on offer cover a broad spectrum ranging from upbeat alternative with true similarities to Darto, Nick Cave and Iggy Pop to singer-songwriter elements and even a few selection for an imaginary spaghetti western soundtrack.

LP $9.75


AGO 107