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Miss Destiny are a band from Melbourne, Australia who play music that’s reminiscent of a mythical time when guitar music’s material of choice was transitioning from denim to leather. Post-hippie, pre-punk era rock ‘n’ roll meets the origins of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, with a glimmer of Sunset Strip feel-good excess. While this could sound like another careful curation of rawks past, and eggheads could argue about the relevancy of rock music in 2016, there’s a life and spirit in this band beyond the typical genre curations that often render rock music one dimensional. Their self titled debut album will be released by R.I.P. Society Records / Agitated in October 2016 and was recorded across a couple of hot summer days in 2015. The all-female lineup on the recording was Harriet Hudson (Circle Pit, Ratsak, Southern Comfort), Harriet Stewart (Sleepless Nights, School of Radiant Living), Annie Llewellyn (Grotto, The Angel & Baby Chain) and Emily Jans (Straightjacket Nation, Bloody Hammer). This record extends on the “muscle and bite” (Evan Minsker, Pitchfork) of their debut 7” on Hozac Records, with a startling leap in the departments of power, precision and overall toughness. No doubt this has to do with powerhouse Emily joining behind the kit, who recorded both this and the forthcoming Straightjacket Nation record while very pregnant! Find another example of this in punk/hardcore/rock ‘n’ roll history, I dare ya. The track “Killers” focuses on the horrendous effects of domestic violence, it’s Miss Destiny’s reaction to the number...

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AGIT 042 CD 

House Of Wax / The One by Miss Destiny

Miss Destiny

House Of Wax / The One

***If your ear wasn't already glued to the ground of the current Australian global invasion, here's yet another critical piece of the noise to sate your begging orifices in the form of the debut 7" single from MISS DESTINY. Stemming from the mind of HARRIET HUDSON, once known as a peripheral figure in the CIRCLE PIT live sound, as well as half of SOUTHERN COMFORT (with Angie Bermuda) and RATSACK, Hudson's secret weapon of the most druggy, wirey, and most importantly, witchy guitar solos stitching up a gravelly pair of unsettling mid-tempo punk numbers like a freshly slaughtered corpse, will no doubt have your skin crawling and your jaw on the floor.

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HZR 153 

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