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This Ruin Beneath Snowfall by Old Graves

Old Graves

This Ruin Beneath Snowfall

***“Taking a foundation of melodic black metal aesthetics and intertwining it with post-black metal atmosphere, a lot of borne tempo and acoustic sections, OLD GRAVES emulates the paths taken by bands such as Agalloch et al, but while the line between influence and plagiarism is very fine at times, the Canadian act never even comes close to falling off the tightrope and delivers an atmospherically dense and engaging set of three songs (plus intro) that should fall on very fertile ground with the fans of this specific sub-genre."—Metal Observer. Limited to 300 copies.

LP $15.00



Long Shadows by Old Graves

Old Graves

Long Shadows

***OLD GRAVES are a band from British Columbia, Canada that plays an atmospheric form of black metal with some folk and doom metal elements. "Acoustic guitars start off the album and they also give the music a progressive and folk music feeling and after a minute the music goes into more of a dark, heavy and melodic direction and the vocals are mostly high pitched depressive black metal screams and synths are also brought into the music at times. Throughout the recording the music alternates between both the heavy and acoustic parts while a great portion of the tracks are very long and epic in length and the songs also bring in a lot of modern atmospheric and post black metal elements and the guitar solos and leads bring in a very dark and melodic style.   When the music speeds up a great amount of tremolo picking and blast beats can be heard which also gives the songs more of a raw black metal feeling and there are also a couple of instrumentals which also shows the synths incorporating more ambient elements and the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts while some of the slower riffs are influenced by doom metal.   Old Graves creates a recording that is still very heavily rooted in the atmospheric black metal style while also adding in more folk music elements this time around, the production sounds very raw yet powerful at the...

LP $15.00