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Una Volta by Piles


Una Volta

***PILES is a drum trio, located for 2/3 in Nancy and for 1/3 in Avignon, France, consisting of Guigou Chevenier (founding member of the French band Etron Fou leloublan (1973-1986) collaborations with bands and artists like Les Batteries, Body Parts, Octavo, Charles Hayward, les Mutants, Fred Frith among others), Michel Deltruc (self-taught drummer- percussionist started in the band of Isle -Adam 95. In Nancy he joined the collective NAJA Nancy Jazz Action. Collaborations with bands and artists like Rosette, Terry Ex, Jagger Naut, Christelle Sery, Thierry Madiot among others) and Anthony Laguerre (protean person, composer, improve musician and sound engineer. He is leading his projects and develops his sound around rock, noise or improve music. His work is about ‘sound like music’. The different influences gave him the possibility to work on forms with harmony and sound matter. Anthony plays drums in Filiamotsa, Club Cactus, Myotis among others. The Piles sound is a free fall into the universe of beats, rhythm,dynamics, repetition of the unexpected, it is an adventure that reveals the hidden depths in the Piles sound spectrum of acoustic drums.

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