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Stranger To Violence by Psalm Zero

Psalm Zero

Stranger To Violence
Profound Lore

With their sophomore album Stranger To Violence, Psalm Zero takes the aesthetics, poetics, and spirit established on their 2014 debut The Drain, and blows up those elements into an epic work of wide-screen drama. It has been two years since that debut, and, in the interim, a series of video and cassette singles called the Birthright Trilogy has built up anticipation for songwriter / vocalist / producer Charlie Looker’s next release. Based in Queens, New York, Psalm Zero provides pummeling drum machine, swirling synths, razor-sharp guitar (courtesy of former member Andrew Hock), and grinding bass as a backdrop for Looker’s crooning baritone voice. Psalm Zero’s unique brand of art-metal has been compared to Godflesh, Katatonia, and Depeche Mode. While Stranger To Violence retains Psalm Zero’s extreme roots, the soaring choruses and massive pop hooks on these seven songs are more emotionally direct than any of the band’s previous work. Harsh vocals are less frequent and reserved for the highest ecstatic peaks. The production style has evolved dramatically as well—in contrast to the band’s original murkier, more lo-fi texture, this album delivers a far crisper, more detailed landscape of synths, samples, and percussive electronics.  Psalm Zero has also expanded lyrically, with Looker moving beyond the personal and existential into a more social, global, real-world critical engagement. The new record is tied together by several themes: drug addiction, global financial crisis, Western imperialism, and Jewish identity. The single “Not Guilty” features a video directed by Zev Deans (whose many other credits...

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Received a 7.7 rating from Pitchfork. Psalm Zero is a new band comprised of respected avant-garde rock musician Charlie Looker (ex-Extra Life / Zs / Dirty Projectors) and Andrew Hock of Castevet. Considering the artists’ differing outputs, one might imagine a collaboration would result in an unresolvable musical clash; however, the duo crafts intriguing experimental metal with Looker’s distinct vocal style providing the perfect counterpoint to Hock’s harsh delivery. Pounding rhythms complement melodic arrangements, while programmed synth and electronic beats also find their way into the mix. The public got its first taste of what Psalm Zero had to offer in 2013 when the band performed a handful of local shows in the New York area; in November they released their debut 7-inch Force My Hand on Looker’s Last Things imprint. Their debut album The Drain, recorded by legendary producer Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Helmet, Bill Laswell, John Zorn, etc.), is one of the most unique heavy music albums of 2014 and will introduce the band to a worldwide audience.

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