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Ramblin’ Ambassadors

The Ramblin’ Ambassadors’ third album for Mint Records proves again that the Canadian West is the true home of instrumental rock ’n’ roll. Serving up another platter of big beat, no bullshit guitar instrumentals, the boys from Calgary kick up way more turf than surf. Ever spend too much time at the Brazilian Barbecue? One hot dog too many? Then check out “Meat Sweats”; a greasy homage to that pulled pork you just washed down with a shot of cheap booze. “Back Seat Action” recalls borrowing Mom’s land yacht for the big date, and every electric note of “Dallas B. Goode” counts the odometer clicks on your ’56 Buick, or maybe even your ’73 Pacer. Parties (“Clambake!”), cars (“Super Bee”) and even the environmental activism of the forest-scorching “Pine Beetle Express” define what occupies the rock ’n’ roll minds of The Ramblin’ Ambassadors. Ramble On was recorded entirely in the band’s secret underground bunker, under the tutelage of musical whiz-kid Russell Broom. The album strips the Ambassadors’ sound even further back, with pretty much a single track for each instrument. (Well, the drums are in stereo, so that’s a couple.) Ramble On has the familiar fiery twin guitar attack of Brent J. Cooper and Gentleman Doug Waite, and careful listeners will notice that Cooper occupies one side of the stereo spectrum and Waite the other. Scott Nickless rides the yellow line, keeping his big bass right up the middle, and Tyler Pickering’s able drumming puts the tyger in the...

LP $17.50

03/06/2012 773871014116 

MRL 141 

MP3 $9.90

03/06/2012 773871014116 


Vista Cruiser Country Squire by Ramblin’ Ambassadors

Ramblin’ Ambassadors

Vista Cruiser Country Squire

CD $13.00

09/20/2011 773871012020 


***The debut release from this new instrumental rock'n'roll trio led by former HUEVOS RANCHEROS guitar-slinger BRENT J. COOPER. Nine sizzling tracks of high-flying, instro rock'n'roll magic, blasted tuff, fiery, and ready for danger.

CD $13.00

07/21/2003 773871006722 

MRD 067 CD