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Randy Twigg vs. Tigerbeat6 Round 2! In the ring in the right corner, we have the re-release of Twigg's debut album, Undone, weighing in with 10 songs of heavy weight bass distortion and pounding drums layered with catchy synths and vocal melodies. Presenting, in the left corner, the heavy weight LP, Redone, containing album remixes by dirty, hard hitting electronic producers from across the globe. This eclectic collection of remixes combines the raw elements and vocal hooks of Twigg's originals with the low end and synthetic friction of the dance floor. Tracks from Mt. Sims, Electronicat, Plateau Repas, Subeena, aMinus, Khan, Syntonics, Hawnay Troof, Blattcouture, Magnum .38 and Kid606 will not only jump every party, but connect, on one release, the underground club styles of 5 countries, spanning over 3 continents: Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America.   Originally from Toronto, Canada, Randy Twigg has risen to the top of Berlin's infamous underground music scene, playing bass, producing and touring with Mt. Sims (Hungry Eye, formerly Mount Sims of International Deejay Gigolo), collaborating and sharing stages with such diverse artists as Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps), Toby Dammit (Iggy Pop, Jessie Evans), Stereo Total (Kill Rock Stars), T. Raumschmiere (Mute), Jessie Evans (Fantomette, The Vanishing) and MeLL (France). The release of her 2009 debut album, Undone, has produced two remix releases and a busy tour schedule throughout Europe. Performing with André Lange (Mt. Sims, Snax) on drums, this power duo frenzies crowds with their no...

MP3 $9.90

07/05/2010 751937516187 

MEOW 161 

Deep in the bowels of Europe, well past the architecture and schnitzel hauses, past the sweating line-ups roped away from already packed clubs, past the throbbing mass on the dance floor itself, deep in the hot flashes of stages across Europe and Canada, slamming her beats, strapped into her bass, playing every note like her last, this is where you will find Randy Twigg.  Her new album "Undone" is a feverish blend of influences extending back to her rock and punk roots in Canada as the driving force behind Toronto's infamous Fuck Puppets (BugEyed Records), followed by a relocation to Berlin where she has played and collaborated with the likes of Mt. Sims (Hungry Eye, Gigolo Records), Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps), Toby Dammit (Iggy Pop, Jessie Evans), Stereo Total, T. Raumschmiere, and where our girl has been fanning her fire with guitars, beats, electronics, and the asses of the masses.  "Undone" is a bold, catchy, lyric driven collision of pop consciousness and dance floor balls served hot with plenty of molton rock and analogue bubbles to keep things niiiiice and slippery. And it's loud as fuck.  Slapping us with monster beat and synth combos while her signature distorted bass guitar sound ties us up and cuts the phone lines. Randy lays it out and you take it, big fella. She sticks that round sound right where we want it over acoustic drums (performed by Berlin born and thoroughbred, André Lange) and screaming bass. "Looking for love...

MP3 $9.90

10/20/2009 751937515487