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Scher, Farmer Dave

This is a message of love from the West.  Farmer Dave Scher (Beachwood Sparks, The Skiffle Players, Kurt Vile and the Violators) has a message to send. And that is simply — love. Speak of Love, Farmer Dave’s new 4-song EP on Spiritual Pajamas is woven with the one simple truth of love in both words and music. A different state of consciousness awaits if you listen, close your eyes and imagine.  The story of the Speak of Love EP starts some years ago, when Neil Young appeared on television and spoke directly into the camera with a telepathic gaze and asked “Who is going to stand up for the land? Who is going to sing for mother earth?” Farmer Dave took this as a direct call to action. Seeing an alternate future of a barren, scorched earth that was used and thrown away, he decided to introduce a different path into his music. After spending time with plant medicines in Peru, Farmer Dave came back to California, dispatched most of his earthly possessions to live in an Ojai commune, wandered the wilderness outside of Los Angeles and found his own cosmic cave to meditate and work out this batch of songs devoted to Mother Earth. The result is a Farmer Dave rave up intergalactic honky tonk -- a phantasmagoric intersection of past and present where aliens dance with the Chumash and the Santa Ana winds still blow ancient spirits through the strip malls of Venice Beach. And...

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10/02/2020 767870665240 


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