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Errand Boy by Sex Cult

Sex Cult

Errand Boy

Featuring Chris Shaw from Achtung! fanzine, a Magic Kid, and an assortment of young Memphis musicians taking an expanded, perhaps psychedelic attack on punk rock. Without being stupid about it. They seem to have emerged fully formed and ready to take your head off. "Out of all the Tennessee bands that we’ve never seen or ever heard any recordings from, Sex Cult has got to be our favorite. The Memphis bad boys have played a handful of shows and are knockin’ em dead over there. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to get them over here soon so you can see what we’re talking about. As far as we can tell, the lineup consists of members from Vile Nation, Bake Sale, and maybe a Magic Kid or two? It’s a little hard to get solid info on them since they don’t have any sort of internet presence at all [at least, not the Sex Cult we wanna know about]"--Nashville Is Dead

MP3 $2.97

11/22/2011 655035002071