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Since the crypt of Spectral Voice was first opened circa the miserable Winter MMXII, a lone full length, five rehearsal promos, multiple 7-inch split EPs, and one infamous demo have been released. The band’s death / doom has been slowly rotting across the USA and Europe for years, putrefying the road alongside allies such as Sempiternal Dusk, Undergang, Blood Incantation, Anatomia, Primitive Man, Superstition, Mortiferum, Demilich, Hyperdontia, Grave Miasma, Flowering Blade and Krypts. For the first time, all official non-album material is finally available in one place, in dedication towards all cultists and gloomy fanatics who have supported the Spectral Voice since the early years of these recordings. Their self-released record Necrotic Demos contained the original Necrotic Doom demo and all the tracks from the out-of-print split EPs. Dark Descent Records present this compact disc edition as a digipak with a bonus track—over forty minutes of primitive and raw slow rotting death doom.

CD $12.00

11/13/2020 616422140622 

DDR 250 CD 

The best demo of 2015 is now available on compact disc. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Spectral Voice play an ancient style of death metal best enjoyed in the crypt from which it was spawned. For fans of old Finnish death metal delicacies as well as those wanting haunting atmosphere and riffs. The only demo ever grace Decibel Magazine's annual top 40 (#35 in 2015). Over 21 minutes.

CD $9.50

01/17/2020 82716635572 

DDR 150 CD 

Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing by Spectral Voice

Spectral Voice

Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing
Dark Descent

After no less than five demos / rehearsals and two splits, Colorado’s Spectral Voice are finally crossing the Styx and delivering their first proper full-length…and it is gigantic. While things appear quite straight-forward on paper (the band has never hidden their love of roughly mixing early and down tuned Finnish death metal with extreme doom in an acid bath) there’s something quite unique about them. Instead of weakening their impact, their rawness and vast sound only emphasizes their genuine thirst for darkness. Like a lurker oozing with evil intentions, Spectral Voice like to remain in the shadow. There, they’ve patiently learned from their elders, only to regurgitate their own brand of extreme death / doom. For instance, "Visions Of Psychic Dismemberment" is an eleven-minute long trip into the darkest regions of our collective mind, where Unholy’s trippiest moments join Incantation for a dance around the fire. The opening blast beat sequence in "Lurking Gloom" on the top of bleak arpeggios will fire up most Disembowelment freaks. Far more than just a sum of its parts, "Eroded Corridors of Unbeing" is a unique and claustrophobic voyage, cavernous yet full of clarity. Here, Spectral Voice is the sound of one’s soul going further down the abyss…and they’re taking you with them. Includes digital download card, 12-page booklet and a tri-fold jacket.

LP $22.00

06/28/2019 767870658259 

DDR 192 

CD $12.00

06/28/2019 827166393223 

DDR 192 CD