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Blackhawks Over Los Angeles by Strung Out

Strung Out

Blackhawks Over Los Angeles
Fat Wreck Chords

***First time on vinyl!!!

LP $17.75

11/17/2022 751097072110 

FAT 721  

Songs Of Armor And Devotion by Strung Out

Strung Out

Songs Of Armor And Devotion
Fat Wreck Chords

***For anyone who has listened to punk rock over the past couple decades, STRUNG OUT needs no introduction. Their signature brand of intense, frenetic, metal-influenced punk has elevated them to elite status and played a significant role in redefining the genre. From their FAT debut Another Day in Paradise to 2015’s Transmission.Alpha.Delta, and 2018’s expansive acoustic EP Black Out the Sky; Strung Out's consistency in pushing the envelope is unmatched. If you listened to their new album Songs of Armor and Devotion with no prior knowledge of Strung Out you probably wouldn’t guess that the California band has been together for almost 30 years—such is the intensity and fresh energy of these 13 songs. Produced by CAMERON WEBB, who was behind the helm of 2009’s Agents of the Underground, it’s a record that brims with the same ferocious fire the band had at the very start of its career, but which also demonstrates how far the California five-piece have evolved as songwriters, musicians and people. (STREET DATE - 8/09/2019)

LP $17.75

08/09/2019 751097012215 


CD $13.25

08/09/2019 75109701222 

FAT 122 CD 

MC $11.35

08/09/2019 751097012246 

FAT 122 MC 

Twisted By Design Reissue by Strung Out

Strung Out

Twisted By Design Reissue
Fat Wreck Chords

***REMIXED AND REISSUED WITH BONUS TRACKS!!! STRUNG OUT’s classic Twisted By Design album remixed by RYAN GREENE and featuring two bonus tracks (included on the LP’s download card). (STREET DATE - 4/15/2014)

LP $17.75

04/15/2014 751097079515 


CD $12.75

04/15/2014 751097079522 

FAT 795 CD 

Element Of Sonic Defiance by Strung Out

Strung Out

Element Of Sonic Defiance
Fat Wreck Chords

***To commemorate the 10th anniversary since its release, STRUNG OUT’s eight-song masterpiece, The Element of Sonic Defiance, has been released on vinyl for the first time. Fans have been begging the label for vinyl on this release forever and now it’s finally here. (STREET DATE - 6/08/2010)

LP $17.75

06/08/2010 751097060612 


CD $7.25

06/27/2000 751097060629 

FAT 606 CD 

Agents Of The Underground by Strung Out

Strung Out

Agents Of The Underground
Fat Wreck Chords

***Over their tenure as the progenitors of the metal-infused punk sound, STRUNG OUT have yet to get complacent. Instead, like a championship fighter that gets stronger with every round, they continually unleash a battering assault of technical guitar work and gripping melodies. The band’s latest full-length (7th overall), Agents of the Underground, is a triumphant defense of the title they’ve held for years. With blisteringly fast riffs, crushing rhythms, and powerful vocals, Agents of the Underground is quintessential Strung Out, yet, as with each succeeding release, the band manage to evolve their sound. This time around the band enlisted the producing talents of CAMERON WEBB (Motorhead, Social Distortion, Danzig, Pennywise) and from the very first moments of the album the success of the collaboration is overtly apparent. With passionate melodies that recall Strung Out’s earlier albums and the ruthless aggressive music that has progressed over their recent releases, Agents of the Underground can be hailed as the perfect culmination of all their past efforts. (STREET DATE - 9/29/2009)

LP $17.75

09/29/2009 751097073919 


CD $9.25

09/29/2009 751097073926 

FAT 739 CD 

Exile In Oblivion by Strung Out

Strung Out

Exile In Oblivion
Fat Wreck Chords

***The anticipated new album from long-running Fat Wreck staple STRUNG OUT, and the band's heaviest album to date. Fourteen tracks of blistering, technical, and highly aggressive punk rock produced by MATT HYDE (Slayer, Sum 41, Hatebreed, etc.) to bring out the beast.

LP $17.75

11/09/2004 751097068014 

FAT 680 

CD $7.25

11/09/2004 751097068021 

FAT 680 CD 

An American Paradox by Strung Out

Strung Out

An American Paradox
Fat Wreck Chords

***(Street Date-April 23rd, 2002) Simi Valley, California's blazing hardcore melodicats squirt out their fourth album of metal crunch and cruisin' melodic punk. Thirteen rippin' tracks produced by the infamous DONNELL CAMERON (NOFX, BAD RELIGION, LAGWAGON, etc.).

LP $17.75

04/30/2002 751097063316 

FAT 633 

CD $7.25

04/30/2002 751097063323 

FAT 633 CD