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Sunfoot—the minimalist expressionistic improvisational experimental emotional intellectual cathartic project of three best friends / musicians created an epic sonic smattering during the heart of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Wearing protective masks just to play music with each other, and staying in separate quarters at the infamous Sou'Wester trailer hotel, they would gather like silent monks in the morning, make highly original music with very little verbal communication and then part ways at end of the day. Under the production of Sonny Smith, they created with little break until they were exhausted and emotionally unhinged. During the mixing of the record, percussionist Ron Burns died tragically and unexpectedly, creating a whole new meaning for the record and a whole new meaning for his remaining two best friends. The songs range from a post punk devolved pop song form punctuated by searing guitar to an extremely personal and original musical communication style between three thoughtful musicians. With the passing of Burns, songs like "Space," "Mean World," "You Roll the Dice Everyday" and "No Master Plan" take on a more tragic and sensitive hue. However, Sunfoot has always been a positive vibration ensemble, spiritually speaking they are a very American counterpart to Japan’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Sunfoot’s love for each other and life quest to battle negativity has carried through their music all along. Beneath the cloud of tragedy during the making of this sensitive and emotionally intelligent art piece the album stands as a testament of friendship, originality and deep musical...

LP $27.00


RIYH 009 

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02/17/2023 795154138647 

RIYH 009 

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02/17/2023 795154138647 

RIYH 009