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Exhaling the ashes from acrimony, Totaled materialized in 2017 and recorded its ferociously blackened-hardcore debut album Lament. While lyrically ruminating in the abstract emptiness of the impervious void and grappling with a paradoxical duality, the audial gloom of the album conjures sorrowing burial strings that furiously discharge a punishing resonance, all wrought with crushing despair, depression, and scavenging hopelessness. Pummeling blasts and d-beats pound into orbiting shadows of pixelated black, beneath a pulverizing dense nihilistic bass distorted into a mournful funeral offering. Here lies a digested celestial nothingness, a symphony frozen in a cyclical noose, gnawed by the bacterial ether.

LP $20.25

03/29/2019 843563114315 

PFL 217 

CD $12.00

03/29/2019 843563114322 

PFL 217 CD 

MP3 $7.99

03/29/2019 843563114322 

PFL 217 

FLAC $8.99

03/29/2019 843563114322 

PFL 217