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***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! WATER LIARS’ debut was entirely unplanned. Recorded on a whim, with one microphone, the then unnamed rock band—consisting of songwriter, vocalist, guitarist JUSTIN KINKEL-SCHUSTER and drummer, producer, multiinstrumentalist ANDREW BRYANT—casually convened to play and record. Over the course of three days, in the small milltown of Pittsboro, MS, a series of ineffable and magical recordings came together. It was one of those seemingly providential experiences—far too remarkable to be denied. Phantom Limb was born. Upon fi rst listen, it was very clear that something truly remarkable really had occurred in the Phantom Limb sessions. After its sludgy intro, album opener “$100” blossoms into a weary, folk-pop gem. “Dog Eaten,” a gorgeous acoustic number highlighting Kinkel-Schuster’s inimitable voice—a trademark that earned him “Best Vocalist” via St. Louis main rag The Riverfront Times—immediately follows. Through its ten-song set, Phantom Limb continues on this unpredictable path—wavering from fast to slow, loud to quiet, but never once losing its magnetism. Songs like “Whoa Back,” “Rest,” and “Fresh Hell” captivate the listener until “On the Day”—a celestial, melancholic track about one’s deathday—closes the album and an inadvertent field recording is heard in the background. It’s a beautiful, fortuitous ending to Water Liars’ beautiful, fortuitous debut. Enjoy! (STREET DATE - 8/06/2013)

LP $19.95

08/06/2013 895102002799 


CD $14.25

06/11/2013 895102002782