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Land Of The Lost by Wipers


Land Of The Lost

***Jackpot Records is proud to announce the highly sought after WIPERS Land Of The Lost LP. It was released in 1986 on Restless Records and has been out of print since. Land Of The Lost is the follow up to their historic third studio record Over The Edge. and is one of the hardest Wipers titles to find. Featuring 9 original tracks and includes the original locked groove. Pressed on limited edition blue/gray vinyl.

LP $26.35

06/17/2022 843563117477 

JPR 056 

Wipers (aka Wipers Tour 84) by Wipers


Wipers (aka Wipers Tour 84)

***Wipers tour 1984 features tracks from the first three Wipers albums. Recorded live on Tour February - March ’84.Originally released on cassette by Greg Sage and on vinyl on Enigma Records in 1985. Includes three songs unavailable anywhere else. Pressed on pink florescent vinyl.

LP $26.50

06/17/2022 843563130698 

JPR 067 

Youth of America by Wipers


Youth of America

***Simply obliterating any conception of THE WIPERS as a mere punk band, GREG SAGE released this follow-up to Is This Real? in 1981—a sophisticated, overwhelming response to the evil times marked by the turn of the decade. Broken into six long songs, Youth Of America is a much colder, harrowing experience than the teen angst of their debut. Vocally Sage comes off as sleep-deprived and forsaken, snarling not only at his own predicament but at the predicament of the entire world. Mastered from the original tapes by SAGE, pressed on high quality vinyl, and packaged in sturdy, old-style heavy-duty jackets.

MC $13.95

01/28/2022 843563147962 

JPR 095 

LP $26.50

11/29/2021 723721209810 

JPR 82802 

Over The Edge by Wipers


Over The Edge

***The bleak, hard-driven third LP by THE WIPERS (originally released in 1983) offers GREG SAGE at his most chased and breathless, lashing out with sharp staccato notes as if melody were his only defense. While their debut LP provided the blueprint for grunge, and their second album recast the band as one of America’s premier postpunk bands, it’s Over The Edge that best exemplifies the Wipers’ sound. The jagged, effortless guitar lines, the paranoid lyrics and raw-throated vocals and the taut, unified rhythms that define their sound bleed together most clearly on this LP, and it stands as both the best entry point for new fans and the most prevalent favorite of diehards. Remastered from the original tapes by Greg Sage and pressed on audiophile grade vinyl and packaged in a deluxe, tip-on sleeve.

LP $26.50

03/30/2009 751937437215 

JPR 82803 

MC $13.95

01/28/2022 843563147979 

JPR 096 

Is This Real? by Wipers


Is This Real?

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Unquestionably Portland's most well-loved punk group, THE WIPERS formed in the late 1970s and in 1980 released their debut LP, Is This Real?— twelve songs of stabbing, jittery guitar, snapped vocals, and unabashed teen angst. Full of desperation and yearning, the LP has stood as a blueprint for wretched youth for over 25 years. In the early 1990s Is This Real? was given mainstream attention when Nirvana covered two tracks off the record and Kurt Cobain announced it was one of the primary influences on his group. Remastered from original tapes as provided by GREG SAGE himself, the LP is pressed on audiophile grade vinyl and housed in a deluxe tip-on sleeve. Includes a printed insert that replicates the original innersleeve.

LP $26.50

10/10/2006 751937436515 

JPR 82801 

MC $13.95

01/28/2022 843563147955 

JPR 094