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Burning Bridges To Nowhere by Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

Burning Bridges To Nowhere
Alternative Tentacles

Witch Hunt have joined the ranks of the Bat with their third and finest full-length yet. Formed in 2001 as a New Jersey trio, the band soon moved their brand of aggressive punk to Philadelphia where they expanded their lineup to a four-piece and have continued to evolve their sound as abilities caught up to ideas. That progression is evident in their Alternative Tentacles debut, Burning Bridges to Nowhere, which blends the primal rage of hardcore, the melodic sense of Husker Du, and the moodiness of UK peace-punk into an album that will leave genre-purists scratching their heads and have all fans of hardcore punk walking and rocking together a little more often. Fans of Alternative Tentacles' BlackNoise imprint and groups like I Object, Nausea, and even Disaster Strikes will love this, but anyone into melodic punk with screaming female vocals will also dig it. The LP includes an insert and a printed inner sleeve, and the CD comes in a handsome multi-panel digipack.

LP $12.00

04/28/2009 721616039818 

VIRUS 398 

CD $13.00

04/28/2009 721616039825 


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