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This Is Our Sacrifice Of Praise


This Is Our Sacrifice Of Praise

World Psychedelia
CD $17.25


WPC6 8501 CD 

***English Christian acid folk band produced as their only recorded legacy this wonderful, pastoral record; an early 1970s album (released on Dovetail Records c. 1974) that has dreamy, moody production values, with special effects (nature sounds like sea gulls and babbling brooks) set against a beautiful landscape of acoustic guitar, soaring mellotron, flute, autoharp and male/female vocals; a couple of up-tempo songs act as a change of pace, but the ballads are the reason to be thankful for this record; and how can you go wrong as a Christian folk band, with actual Psalms as your lyrics? As Ken Scott’s Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music guide says, “turn the lights out, crank it up, and sail away.”