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Small Cruel Party

Accident In Substance

Harbinger Sound

A massive retrospective, with tracks from out of print 7-inches and compilation submissions. “Even The Lives Of Our Grandfathers” (Methods of Achieving Satisfaction in a Goal-Oriented Society [Apraxia]); “Some Movements” (Nature Morte 2 [E’ostrate]); “Wind On Jets” (Anodyne Effect of Habit [Small Cruel Party]); “Every Force Evolves A Form” (Anodyne Effect of Habit [Small Cruel Party]); “Micromelistmata” (Anodyne Effect of Habit [Small Cruel Party]); “12 Breaths On Shore” and “Seminal Brainpan” (Seminal Brainpan [Dom America]); “Without Arms But With Some Kind Of Peculiar Attachment” (Dedication-Zweite Auslese [Artware]); “Before The Dream” and “Of The Still Earth” (Before the Dream [Drone]); “Home Borders : Circling Outward Past Edge To Rest, Awaken” (Shiroseasons [Shirocoal]); “Cold Hell” and “This Moment” (The Subtle Body [Banned Production]); “Vasana” (Noisenet #4 [NOISE]); “1860-xii-30 Birds Explore Trees 15-v-1960” (America The Beautiful [RRR]); “Notes On Use” (Howard 31 [Artware]); “Double Entrance” (Precipitation [Partial]); “Sister - Well – Brother” (from split acetate with Daniel Menche [MSBR]); “Red, Wide And Driving” (Killing Me Softly With Noise [NOISE]); “7-1114/357-730 The Light Itself” (Parasit [Ant-Zen]); “Iron Moment” (Interference [23five]); “La Poussiere Des Murs Detruit Le Passe” (Regeneration – Degenerescence [Kaon]); “For The Coil Of Copper Underwood” (…And The Vultures Miss Nothing [Harbinger Sound]); “Second Honor: It’s Forever Again” (Links Outta Here [Generator Sound Art]); “To Have Been Seen” (To Have Been Seen [Shirocoal]); “Ceremonies Of Memory I & II” (Ceremonies of Memory [Fylkingen Records]); “Objects As They Change” (10 x 10 [Banned Production]).

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