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LP $19.75

07/15/2014 781484011415 


CD $13.75

10/20/1997 781484011422 

DC 114 CD 

***BACK IN PRINT ON VINYL!!! Back in 1997, DAVID PAJO was a little over a half decade removed from the future sensation known as SLINT. Their second album had been released in 1991 when the band themselves were already defunct. During the next five years, David worked with PALACE BROTHERS, KING KONG TORTOISE, THE FOR CARNATION and STEREOLAB. All during that period, the idea of his own music was slowly simmering, building flavor like a good rage. He and former Slint-ite BRITT WALFORD had discussed a band called M —the significance lying in the letter’s position in the middle of the alphabet. A single under that name was released on Palace Records in 1996, and upon hearing it, there was no doubt that this fucker was one of the Slint boys. We were big fans of Tweez ; we jumped right on that shit and offered Dave a deal he couldn’t refuse—if he made a record, we’d put it out! The rest is…not only history, but somewhat out of print. David changed the name to AERIAL M , put out an album, two singles and a remix record, then changed the name to PAPA M and made a couple of double-albums, an EP and five or six singles. Now his self-titled LP is available again.

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